Theory for Season 11! (Possible spoilers for both modes)

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Theory for Season 11! (Possible spoilers for both modes)

There’s been recent theory crafting about what save the world maybe getting for season 11 not much information was given to us as of yet. but as of the recent update to happen in the other game mode, there was an introduction to tapes which were scattered around the map, they seemed pretty minor but I noticed the voice of the “visitor” sounded awfully familiar to Dr Vinderman’s voice. Maybe a coincidence but supposedly season 11 is supposed to be big for save the world according to dev responses in early season X. With the also recent new mini storyline with Denis Junior and the new Timeline break, many have speculated that this is foreshadowing something big to happen next season. I have came up with a thought on how this could connect to battle royale. During the Plankerton ark we discover dr Vindermans lab, with a strange looking purple anomaly what I believe to maybe be a rift. A rift in the timeline connecting to last summers save the world and seasons 4 and 5 in BR. The Visitor, an unknown entity trapped within the Meteoroid. Building a rocket to try to return to its own dimension causing another rift to open. What if this was Dr Vinderman? His experiments in his lab got him teleported to the BR universe supposedly getting trapped within the meteoroid and trying to escape. It’s awfully convenient how save the world and BR shared that key component event, the meteoroid crash. Dimensional travel via parallel universes were just released to us during the Denis Jr story ark. Multiple timelines different or altered characters, and what is Season X in BR about? Parallel universes with altered characters from different timelines and universes, it’s all connects again like last summer. These little tapes are very significant to release more information, these scientists discussed in the tapes, what if they were all different versions of dr Vinderman like how their were different versions of Ray? There’s more to see this season before it ends and when more tapes are released more information will be let out into the world.


Edit: I’ve seen other theories suggesting the visitors were AI robots created by Dr Vinderman to explore multiple timelines and report back to him with new knowledge, I like these theories because there was always a connections between both of the game modes, we also are receiving a sponsor for save the world meaning something very important is going to occur to cause this! I personally am very excited and are ready to see what epic haves for us in store for save the world, I’ll try to add more theories I find within this post so stay tuned!

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