Theory: How Save The World connects to the other mode (Repost because of moderator removal)

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Theory: How Save The World connects to the other mode (Repost because of moderator removal)

Many people have tried to connect Save The World's story to that of the other mode, saying they're alternate universes or that the other mode is a simulation to train the characters of Save The World. Here is my theory and my take on the connection.

The entirety of Save The World takes place years before Season 0 of the other mode. We can see retro technology can be found, so it seems fair to say that Save The World takes place in the 1980s, but they do reference modern technology like smartphones, so it's more likely that Save The World takes place in say, 2011, despite it being semi-clear Save The World takes place on a floating timeline. We can assume the Imagined Order (The mysterious organization in the other mode) acquires the Loop in 2017, giving us 6 years of Save The World shenanigans.

I believe IO is the natural yet evil evolution of Vindertech, and that Dr. Vinderman faked his death to become the Visitor. He wasn't happy of what Vindertech was becoming, and created the Seven by uniting versions of himself from 7 alternate timelines, so he decided the only way to destroy IO was to sabotage the Loop from inside.

But what was Homebase during this time, you may ask? Well, I believe most of them became employees for IO. In the Chapter 2, Season 5 cinematic trailer, we see Jonesy gussied up in a formal suit under the name John Jones, which we can assume is his real name and the same Jonesy from Save The World. John mentions that every time he enters the Loop, he creates a snapshot, which is basically a muted clone, which is why we have so many Jonesy reskins in the other mode. A lot of Jonesy outfits in the other mode are heroes in Save The World, so it's easy to assume Jonesy wore those outfits while entering the Loop again and again.


And it's not just Jonesy. It's fairly obvious all the default outfits are employees, and it has been hinted at that Ramirez is John's boss heard in the cinematic trailer. This could also be the reason for Marauders. In Chapter 2, Season 3, we had a new type of AI in the other mode: Marauders. These people were similar to the IO Guards we have now, and what was most interesting was that they shared the same models as some familiar faces. Southie, Sarah and Kyle were also represented in the other mode for the first time as crazy lunatics, so my theory is that following Homebase's withdrawal, these characters began to rebel against IO, eventually being captured and forced into the Loop. We know they're still out there, seeing how Kyle is now an NPC in the other mode.

But then remember Ray's mysterious conversation during The End event. While IO was trying to use the black hole to start anew, Ray, years after Homebase receded, made a deal for her and a small team of people remaining with her to continue her operations inside the Loop, which explains the Redacted bunker in the other mode looking similar to that of the Homebase base.

TL;DR: IO is the natural yet somewhat evil evolution of Vindertech, Dr. Vinderman faked his death to become the Visitor, John Jones is the same Jonesy from Save The World, Kyle, Southie and Sarah started a rebellion against IO but were captured and became the Marauders in the other mode, and Ray made a deal with the heads of IO for Homebase to continue striving inside the Loop.

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