This game desperately needs a Quality Of Life update (if we ever get one)

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - This game desperately needs a Quality Of Life update (if we ever get one)

Over the past month and even years, many changes that would benefit everyone and the game have been asked for. While we have gotten a few, at this rate, we might never get one again. So many quality of life changes can be made to make the game at least more enjoyable and organized during the one of the worst times in this games history.

Here is a list of some that we have been asking for and haven't gotten yet:

  • More backpack storage – The logic that we have to turn our materials into traps or we have to throw out lots of nuts and bolts, planks, etc., shows that we have very limited room to hold stuff. Maybe they should make more backpack storage a reward for beating SSD10 of each biome, kind of like extra hero loadouts.
  • Increase Stack Size of Materials – There are so many games out there in which you can hold a lot of items in one stack (or even infinite of that item). For example, I have been playing more Warframe since StW is very dry of content. While their isn't a backpack for the game, materials obtained from missions stack practically infinitely in your inventory. So I can have x120,000 of one item type in a "stack" for this game. Yet, I can't hold more than 2k bolts in StW or my backpack will be very close to filling up. So either I have to throw a lot away on the floor, or turn them into traps. Make each item stack up to 1k for more room.
  • Drops for higher level zones – Why should grey traps be obtained from a 140 zone? Why make a zone way harder, just for it to give you 1-star stuff out of chests and such. It's such a simple change. Make it so zones power level 70-100 drop 4-star items and 108-160 drop 5-star items guaranteed.
  • Fix Power Level Zones – This was addressed by a dev at one point, but I think they forgot about it. Explain to me why it's possible for people under 122 to fight the MSK. This is the best we have of endgame content (unless you want to include endurance or 128 frostnite), so why should these people have a chance when they haven't met the requirements yet?
  • Play With Others – Make it so you can at least see the mission type you get into before you join the game. If I have to guess what type of mission I get into, then that's a big issue.
  • Better Venture Rewards – I feel like the devs already gave up on ventures as our "replayable mode". I know that we are only on Season 3 of Ventures, but man am I already beat out of it. The only rewards that have a significant impact are Superchargers, and those barely make a dent on your schematics and heroes. The rest of the rewards are either trash since they barely give enough or I have too much of it (like manuals). The vouchers are ok rewards, but I haven't used any since the beginning since I have every event weapon and hero.

This game right now is in a bad spot for players, but I at least want the game to be more optimized to our current time.

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