This game needs a better variety of gamemodes

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So i'm in twine now and the game is really starting to burn me out, the missions aren't fun anymore and the game offers practically nothing new once you get into twine. Every mission type besides encampment and survivor is defending an objective for x amount of time, sure there are things that set these missions apart slightly, DTB attempts something different by having a 'move the payload' mechanic but it's just boring. and going around the map to search for modules in RTS is not fun either. The game really needs some actually 'different' gamemodes. Gamemodes that aren't just building a fort around an objective and then defending it, so i've come up with a few.

New Mode – Secure The Area

Once the game starts you much travel to the designated area marked on your map, you must protect the survivors that are located in that area for x amount of time. The fight starts immediately, no base-building. Here's where it gets interesting though, the only thing that can protect these survivors is a mini storm shield device that projects a dome around the area, you or a teammate must collect blu-glo to power the dome, the domes health disintegrates and the husk's can damage the dome. This encourages team-play which is something Fortnite seems to lack these days. You must protect 10 survivors, if more than half die you fail the mission (or maybe not, you guys decide). It is important that you keep the dome protected at all costs.


New Mode – Hover Board Racing!

So this one is definitely a bit out there, but i think it could be a really refreshing game mode. Pretty self-explanatory really, you race against 3 other players on a procedurally generated track, or community made tracks??? Here's the issue with this though, epic might not want any kind of PvP in Save The World. I think they would add this though, i mean, did they really just make the hover board for getting around the map faster?

New Mode – Endless Survival

Now i know people have already requested this for their storm shields, but i think it would work a lot better as a standard game mode, since i think a lot of people have already knocked down a lot of their SS after SSD 10. It would basically be like a storm chest, you group up in a small area where you must survive for as long as possible. There could be so much potential with a game mode like this, there could be leader boards, new husks to kill. And it would be really nice for the veteran players like myself to have a challenge.

Thanks for reading and please post your suggestions for future game modes in this thread :).

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