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Every time I scroll thru Reddit it’s nothing but negativity, it is so disappointing to see everyone bashing epic games and complaining. Every other post doesn’t have to be about the same thing. Yes, the servers suck, obviously epic knows this is a problem. I couldn’t imagine being an epic employee and reading this subreddit. How depressing. I wouldn’t even come back.

People seriously complain that 3 free birthday llamas “are not enough” . Firstly, epic didn’t even have to introduce birthday llamas. This was solely a treat for us. And yet people complain that “1000 tickets is too much”. Really? You’re getting free past event items that you would originally never ever be able to obtain again.

Honestly I like the new camera angles. Yes I know they need to be adjusted for rpgs and constructors for example, but you’ll get used to a new camera angle. In my opinion, my accuracy has improved very well when I’m aiming down sight with this new camera angle.


It seems like everyone thinks they are entitled to something in this game and they demand everything to be fixed immediately. If you don’t like the fact epic is bringing battle royale skins into save the world, fine, don’t purchase them. No one is forcing you to use them.

I just wish this subreddit would be more about real discussions like weapons, heroes, abilities and more things about in game progression rather than complaining about something you don’t like.

P.S – I understand it’s hard to enjoy this game with the severe lag and server crashes, but every post on this sub doesn’t have to be about your game crashing. I think epic knows there are problems.

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