This whole Ventures thing is messed up. Personal Opinion. (+ Changes that must be done) WARNING: Super Long Text

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - This whole Ventures thing is messed up. Personal Opinion. (+ Changes that must be done) WARNING: Super Long Text

Before starting to talk about this i must Say that i'm an endgame player. That i finished Ventures S1 in 3 days. And i didn't like how it worked out. But i liked the fact that this was quick to finish If You knew how to farm xp properly. Rewards…they sucked. But this was because it was THE FIRST SEASON, the beggining of Something new. Devs are NOT players and so their perspective it's not the same as ours. They don't play the Game enough to Say to themselves "yeah, this is not fair".

When they saw that it was possible to finish Ventures in less than a week, they pretty much thought "This is not challenging enough for the players" They completely forgot about the fact that the only players that finished Ventures in less than a week were ALL ENDGAME PLAYERS, people that is sick of the rotation of the same events with barely anything new. People that dreamed about a mayor feature like Ventures.

And what happened? Where the new/mid players at? By now, we know that a ton of these players didn't finish Ventures, hell, a Lot didn't Even hit lvl 20 in Ventures. Why? Because it's boring. It's literally a copy of frostnite but in normal missions and with expendable machines and repair benches. You cannot Even use superchargers If the schematic or hero/survivor is not 130 already. So it's pretty pointless to Even bother. Maybe Just play enough to get the vouchers and that's it.

At this point, a Lot of players get bored and frustrated about Ventures. So they quit playing it and Just go play normal missions or switch to BR.

The consequences about this?

-Not finding a single person in Ventures, changing servers might not Even work.

-Players are forced to play solos on missions, a Lot of players (myself included) do this to lvl up faster. As people tend to overbuild or farm the map, wasting a Lot of time. But heres the problem. Not everyone knows how to solo a mission properly. Not Even knowing a good loadout or having the skills. So You pray to find a public mission.

Season 1 is over and we all learned what this is about. So we get ready for season 2, already preparing our loadouts as soon as we know the new season modifier.

Season 2 is here and…oh boy…this isn't good.

During S1 people were complaining in the subreddit about how trash the rewards were. Evo mats are not Even good. Gold? Not enough. Perk up? It's a fucking joke right?… And at last, the superchargers. The amount that we are getting compared to dozens of schematics it's like a kick in the balls. We can't Even fully supercharge a weapon. And we are supposed to fell good for this? Even worse when the supercharged stats only apply for crafted 130 items.

Magyst saw all this and told us "Thx for feedback, we'll Improve this in S2"


S2 is here…and WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Hexilvania return. 50/50 for being exclusive of Ventures. That's a shame. Rewards for Ventures are slightly better now. But still not enough. But here is the problem. Ventures is now way fucking grindier. How in the hell devs thought that the new way to hit lvl 50 and make it more challenging would be by adding another 1M xp points? It's ABSURD.

I imagine the conversation going Something like This: + Hey, so players are complaining about rewards being low for a Lot of efford and-

  • " Lot of efford?" Really? eks dee fuckers finished the whole thing in less than a week and they call that efford? Bruh.

  • Yes, but it happends that this players are complaining about the rewards, especially the superchargers not being enough for a dozens of schematics that they could possibly supercharge.

  • Eh, k. I'll add a few more superchargers next season. And to make it more challenging, i'll make it more grindier.

  • I don't think that solve anything, in fact, that would be way wor-

  • SHUSH. Now i gotta work in this Premium Experience ecks dee

  • Uh…

So yeah…this season is WAY WORSE THAN SEASON 1, WHY IS IT MORE GRINDIER THAN BEFORE? WHY????? And this didn't solve anything, in fact, people again finished Ventures S2 in less than a week. Maybe i'll talk about this again in the future, but for now, lets talk about changes that must be done.

Changes: Add v-bucks to Ventures rewards: Would incentivice more players to farm ventures. And of course, non-founders can get them too.

Weekly mission buff: The idea of getting superchargers for completing 160 zones is a great idea. But…Just 1 per week and after 10 160 missions? C'mon epic. We need buffs in this. We should be able to get way more and have the option to choose which kind of supercharger we want. Like the choose we have about getting or epic perk up or leg perk up after completing 132 pl alert missions. Example: Choose between 5 survivor superchargers, 15 weapon superchargers or 10 trap superchargers after beatting 10 160 zones.

For now this is gonna be everything i have to say. A personal subjective opinion.

I recall this. Don't blame the devs for this. Even tho i'm unpleased with this too, remember, they are NOT players. We have different points of views. I respect the devs and their decisions. I Just hope they see what we see.


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