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As of now I am PL 97 with 2700 Offense / 2700 Tech and 1500 Resistance / Fortitude.

I have a Mr.Red 40/40 with Orange Perks ( maxed ) on Attack Speed, Critical Damage, Life Leech ( 3.6% ) and Energy Damage.

I am using a Steel Wool Syd with Critical Hammer Support and Stormborne Tactical.

When going solo on a PL 82 Mission I get:

38,000 Shield.
118,000 HP.

If I take more than 2/3 HP in damage, my HP won't recover beyond 1/3 HP unless I die, or use a healing gadget or use a healing trap.

So most of the time I am effectively fighting with 38k HP from Shield + 38k HP from my 1/3 HP since it won't recover beyond that.

I do 27k damage crits with 972 heal per critical attack.
And 9660 damage attacks with 347 heal per attack.
I have 46.5% Critical Rating.
I do on average 23,159 damage per attack or heal 833 per attack.

At 38k HP it takes me 96 attacks on average to recover all my HP at maximum LifeLeech perk on Weapon. ( 3.6% Life Leech )

If I had Double Fortitude and Double Shield ( Would bring my PL above 105 I think ). I would probably have around 76k Shield and 236k HP to work with and around 1/3 of 236k or 78k HP to work with.

From 78k HP to 236k HP is 158k HP to heal or 189 attacks on average for me to heal completely.

At PL 82:

Bee Husk gives 5100 dmg per tick on the Bee DoT. ( 5% of my HP per tick )
I take 2700 damage per tick from Fire Elemental Enemies DoT. ( 2.5% of my HP per tick )
The Fire Elemental Dot activates on Deathburst.
I take 12000 damage from Deathburst. If I kill 3-4 normal husks at once I can expect to take 48000 damage in a single second. ( 10% or 40% of my HP )
Normal Husks deal 12000 damage per hit. ( 10-12% of my HP )
Yellow Gas Lobbers do 5100 Damage per tick. ( 5% of my hp per tick )

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There is another modifier effect called Acid Pool which leaves damaging AoE Dots when enemies die.


This means that if you are fighting using a melee style you are not only taking huge damage from the Zapper, Blaster and Taker Husk attacks. But you also constantly take huge damage from Acid Pools, Deathburst, Elemental Dots, Lobber Gas and Bees.

There are also other modifiers that hugely impact melee gameplay like Ice Elemental Husks will constantly slow your character down, so you cant move to fight and get destroyed by ranged attacks and dots.

There is the Slowing Pool modifier Husks that leaves slowing pools when you kill husks so you get slowed too.

There is the Slowing Attacks Modifier which cause your character to become slowed too.

Husks can get Frenzied Modifers increasing their attack speed, or Enraged which increase their damage, making it more risky to fight close quarters and trading blows.

The only modifier which would benefit melee would be Smoke Screen, but even then it only benefits the enemy monsters, you don't actually get ranged resistance when you are inside the smoke screen and it blocks your vision too.

Almost all modifiers that appear on storm alerts or mega alert missions make Melee Gameplay increasingly worse.

Therefore I think that to improve melee gameplay, the focus should be on increasing melee resillience instead of increasing melee dps :


  • Increase Life Leech % so it doesn't take 90-180 attacks to heal 2/3 of my HP.
  • Give Melee Weapon Wielders some type of DoT and Slow Resistance. ( Can't be slowed / takes 66-70% less damage from DoT ).
  • Maybe give some innate damage resistance when melee wielding ( 20% or 25% , maybe evasion chance instead )
  • Another idea is to give 50% block chance against ranged attacks when not attacking with melee weapon , like if you deflected like Star Wars Jedi.
  • Give melee weapon wielders passive movement speed buff so they can move faster through the battlefield without picking the ms perk.
  • Allow HP to be healed passively up to 2/3 of HP instead of 1/3 of HP.
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