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FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Timeline based on AMA

If you don't already know, Epic did an AMA today. There was a ton of answers, so I though of creating a timeline based on those answers. I hope I got most of it in order. If a link is broken , I missed a question, or put out misinformation, feel free to tell me and I'll update this.

Season 8 Update (Tomorrow)

  • Daily Coins/Gold
    • Daily Coins are being removed and will be converted to gold.
      • 100 Daily Coins = 240 Gold
      • Gold will replace Daily Coins in Daily Quests (240 Gold/mission).
    • Gold will not be reset.

  • Hero Loadout and Vouchers
    • You should be able to make strong melee loadouts.
    • Vouchers can recruit any hero that can't be normally recruited (i.e. Core and Expansion heroes).
      • You will receive 2-6 based on your account level.
      • Carbide will be available for recruitment with voucher.
    • Zenith is "cool as ice" (in response to someone asking for hints on Zenith's perks).
    • Flux, manuals, and other resources will be granted to use in recruiting heroes from the Collection Book.
    • Ability to unslot every hero in the collection book.

  • Map and Mission Changes
    • New visual update to Plankerton and a new Lakeside location.
    • Visual design update in some zones
    • Some cool stuff tomorrow and through S8 (in response to Beta Storms).
    • 10 Mutant Storms and 5 Beta Storms per day.

  • Bug Fixes
    • The typewriter change was a bug (I assume this will get fixed tomorrow).
    • Check that will attempt to grant missed materials around the "recycle not giving perk materials" bug.

  • Misc
    • Vindertech weapons will be added to expansion section.
    • Gadget changes to make some more competitive.

Mid Season 8 Updates

  • New Additions
    • A "cool new wall trap" will be added in the latter half of S8.
    • More heroes coming in S8.

  • Updates
    • Changes to Mission Alerts in late S8 or early S9.
    • More improvements to AFK system.
      • More confirmation.
    • Performance/Console issues are being worked on (scroll to "Performance/Console issues" for more information).

Post Season 8 Updates

  • Improvements to Storm Shield including: New Combat Challenges, resetting SS after a failure, and tearing down your base quickly and effectively.
    • More confirmation on "awesome SSD improvements".
    • Some more confirmation.


No Time Frame Given

  • End Game
    • Twine Peaks disscussion (scroll to "Future of Twine Peaks" for more information).
      • There are plans for end game content.
      • Tier 5 crafting material will be more common in these end game areas as they will be higher difficulty missions.

  • Update to Current Mechanics
    • More systemic improvements to melee combat.
    • Deathburst performance and counterplay is something they want to work on.
    • They want to update the HUD.
    • Collection Book functionality/reward revamp (not likely in the next season or two).
    • Visual revamp of Blasters.

  • New Additions
    • New abilities in the future.
    • New types of husks in the future.
    • More banners!
    • Locker and emotes coming soon (scroll to "Locker/Emotes" for more information).
    • Beta Storms are still in development, both new and modified mission types.
    • Experimenting with different type of area content. They want to see bigger maps.
    • Canny Valley cinematic is still in development.

  • Confirmation
    • StW is still planning on going free to play.

  • Deconfirmation
    • Don't get your hopes up for the option to switch to the old soundtrack.
    • The current T6 materials will most likely not be used if they add an addition tier.

  • Discussions
    • StW livestreams might return.
    • B.A.S.E. overlapping needs some discussion as it could affect balance and performance.
    • Small propane discussion.


  • Link to how the team works on projects.
  • PoppinFreshDoze's favorite mission is the Storm King.
  • Storm King pins are shipping out.
    • More confirmation.
    • And some more confirmation.
  • Magyst doesn't think we're annoying.
  • General Direction (scroll to "General Direction" for more information).
  • O.M.G.

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