Timers shouldn’t matter in private games

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Timers shouldn't matter in private games

There's been a lot of posts about the fact that missions like RTD, RTS and BTR are about 50% waiting at least with no choice in the matter. Now I'm not a dev or designer at Epic so I don't know what the reasoning is behind it, maybe they just expect players to enjoy the free time to farm but not everyone is too keen on that, especially when there are alerts that are going to run out, 4x rain when we HAVE to wait 12 minutes in RTD is obnoxious.

I can also understand the idea that forcing ALL players to leave a mission when it's done can cause issues when two players want both options, to leave and to farm. We'll give Epic the benefit of the doubt and say that letting players leave when the objective is done can cause issues with syncing and mess up other missions, a voting system could be abused and other problems with other ideas.

But what about private matches? When everyone is there for the same purpose? I remember grinding out the 4x rain on RTL, we joined and instantly farmed 4 bluglo and ran the mission, took about 10 mins total, loading in and loading out. The RTD mission a few days ago? Loading in, building for 2 minutes if you actually wanted to fully trap the objective and then 10 minutes of waiting assuming everyone was ready or someone just shot down the balloon, in a private match we should just be able to get it done ASAP and be done with it. The 20 v-bucks in Stonewood right now is PL5, I'd be surprised if complete noobs couldn't solo this yet we still HAVE to wait the 12 minutes to shoot it down.


There should be extra options for private matches, at least to leave some missions early. The timer just adds obnoxious waiting and it's just odd to me that Encampments finish when all are destroyed, which can be done in 10 minutes solo whereas other missions are just a waiting game.

The ONLY reason I can genuinely see as "fair" is that STW would be a lot easier if we could smash out these missions quicker. Imagine 4 people grinding PL100 BTR, smash out 4 radars, clear the Storm chest(s) and finish the last one, repeat until you have infinite resources. So maybe just lower the timer, I don't know. What I DO know is that there should be SOME option for us AT LEAST in RTD, I know they set the timer from 5-8 minutes which is an awesome step but it's still way too long, if we wanted time to farm we'd play BTR, who needs 12 minutes to set up defences for RTD? If you're playing 4-man then even PL100 is a joke with the basic build.

STW is a fun game to play, it's just not a fun game to wait in.

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