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My last post got removed due to not being allowed to post a screenshot. 😂

Thought I would repost my comment from that thread in case people find it helpful:

Started playing STW in March and in the space of nine months I went from someone who kept failing Resupply missions in Stonewood (don’t ask 😂) to someone who successfully solo’d Frostnite 128.

The hero loadout I went with is the standard one for soloing Frostnite:

Commander: BASE Kyle

Team Perk: Recycling

Support heroes: MegaBASE Kyle, PowerBASE Knox, Crossbones Barret, Pathfinder Jess, Dire

Items I craft are a Baron with 1x movement speed and 2x armor, a 144 Potshot with pure damage perks (for Takers and Krampuses), and for wave 14 I craft a 130 Sod Buster with water element and a crit build (1x CR, 2x CD, damage to mist monsters, and the sixth perk is 44% bonus damage to fire enemies).

I also craft obliterators for three sniper defenders. Honestly, I found defenders to be kind of useless (except on wave 14) as they spend most of their time being knocked down by Takers. But I guess they can be useful sometimes in helping take out any smashers or riot husks that manage to make it to the burner.


(1) “Favorite” the trap schematics you are going to use so they appear first when you go into the crafting menu. If you have forty trap schematics like I do, it saves you a lot of time from having to figure out which one of your three floor launcher schematics is the one you want to craft.

(2) There are quite a few videos on Youtube of people’s gameplay soloing Frostnite. Watch a few to get some ideas.

(3) Go into a storm shield and figure out what you want your defense to be. I went into my Plankerton storm shield and spent hours in there trying out various ideas, building different defenses, figuring out how many mats I would need to farm in the first few waves be able build what I needed to build, what wave I would build each part of it and tier it up, etc.

(4) Probably the biggest decision I had to make was whether to use a lobber shield or anti-air traps. I was indecisive and kept switching between them as I found both to be viable (almost all of the videos on YouTube of people soloing Frostnite use lobber shields).

Anti-airs saved me a lot of time in the early waves (due to not having to build the lobber shield) and in the later waves (due to not having to do maintenance on the lobber shield when parts of it are inevitably destroyed). But a lobber shield was very helpful at capturing supply drops so I wouldn’t have to wait in-between waves to go collect them (plus a lobber shield is a great place to evade and hide from Takers in the final waves). I mostly went with the lobber shield but happened to be using a weird mixture of both in the game I won (only had anti-airs for a while but then built a lobber shield cause I had so many spare mats).

(5) Having “godrolled” trap schematics with the right perks is pretty important when soloing Frostnite IMO. I spent maybe 20-30k reperk on my trap schematics for Frostnite, doing things like testing to see how many durability perks was optimal for each trap, trying to figure out what combination of range/reload/damage perks to use on anti-airs, figuring out how many impact perks I needed on floor launchers, etc.

(6) Leave the match and restart if the terrain isn’t favorable, e.g., if there is a giant barn beside the burner you would have to waste time destroying, or if there is an annoying ridge area beside the burner that would make you trap tunnel impossible to build.


(7) When you spawn in, build four walls with the center window around the burner (as well as floors). Place BASE on a corner floor tile, put wall spikes (with the healing perk) on the walls, and tier up the walls. You can do that with the metal you spawned in with and the vehicles around the burner. Once I have done that I leave the burner and go farm for the first three waves (I focus on getting metal). Yes … you can get away with nothing but T3 metal walls and healing wall spikes for the first few waves (if you are using BASE Kyle).

(8) A god strat for wave 4 (that I learned from otofu’s recent Frostnite video) is to let that wave drag on for a long time. Like ten minutes (or even longer). It is an elimination wave (not a timed wave) and in my early attempts I would place several damage traps and get through that wave very quickly. That isn’t necessarily a bad idea as I still managed to make it to the final waves doing that, but my defense would always be quite scuffed in those waves due to running out of crafting materials and bluglo. So I think it is better to milk wave 4 for as long as you can so you can go collect a lot more resources. You can stall the wave with floor launchers or go the extra step and build a jail for it. This is what I did in the game I won … I jailed it and then spent maybe 20-30 minutes farming (a bit overkill but I had placed too many anti-airs that they started causing lag so I actually spent a chunk of that time pickaxing six of them away lol)

(9) Wave 9 has a lot of Takers so do not stay near the burner for this wave. I run around the map that entire wave collecting bluglo and farm any materials I am low on (usually planks and rough ore).

(10) Wave 12 has a lot of propanes so make sure you have soundwalls up. If you can, use Epic 122 soundwalls. They require two quartz whereas legendary 130 soundwalls require three quartz and all you miss out on is the final perk of effect duration (which is irrelevant in Frostnite because you are mostly just using them to make husks drop their propanes).

(11) Wave 14 is a whole lot of fun. It is easy to just kill all those smashers in solo Frostnite 100, but it is a different story in Frostnite 128. This wave was the hardest hurdle to overcome for me.

I found I had the most success the more I went on the offense for that wave. I start the wave on the ground blasting away at the smashers with my Sod Buster. Once a few of them get to the burner I place my banner and slow field, refill the bluglo, and then go up a level to where the defenders are. I keep blasting away and spam walls around the burner if I need to. In the game I won I don’t think the smashers managed to break a single wall around the burner (only the ramps).

Got to be careful on this wave, as there is usually a Taker that comes for you towards the end of it and you can too easily be distracted by the smashers to notice (the defenders help with that by alerting you with “Taker!” and if you are lucky they will kill it).

(12) Speaking of Takers … If you survive wave 14 then what will likely cause you to lose the game in the final waves is a Taker sneaking up on you and one pumping you. So make sure you watch out for Takers.

(13) And don’t forget to put bluglo in the burner! No exaggeration but at least half of my attempts at soloing Frostnite 128 failed not because I was killed or because my defense failed, but simply because I forgot to put bluglo in the burner. Unreal. 🤦‍♂️

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