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So the MSK (Mythic Storm King) is pretty hard. But I’m gonna help give you some tips. I’m not a pro at it though so these tips will probably only be useful to people who are new to the MSK. So here we go 🙂

Tip 1: Your team

The team you have is really important for the MSK. Especially when at least 1 has a mic. A good thing to do is make sure you have 1 soldier and 3 ninjas. The soldier is really important as they boost your damage when attacking the horn by using warcry. And the ninjas are useful for attacking the Mini boss. (More on this in the next tip) not to mention warcry can also be used on the mini bosses too to get some extra damage in there.

Tip 2: Loadouts

As I mentioned, ninjas and soldiers are good for core things in the MSK. So I’m going to go over the loadouts you can use to get as much damage as possible on your objectives. So onto the ninja. I really recommend using lynx as that increases your weapon/melee damage by 140% while you’re in the air. Seriously good when using launchers. I only recommend using a ninja if you’re not great at building/there is already a soldier on your team. You should also find heroes for your load out that increase launcher and hardware stats. (More on that later) another thing is to keep an eye on your gadgets. I recommend using hover drones and adrenaline rush to quickly heal teammates and the hover turret to damage the MSK at the end.

Tip 3: Weapons

The type of weapons you use on the MSK are super important. When destroying the crystals always use a launcher. I’ve seen a few people use the bundlebuss and that does actually work but it’s better to use a launcher. Now onto the horns. When it comes to damaging the horns it will tell you to pickaxe them. Don’t do this. It will barely do any damage and you have no chance of breaking them with a pickaxe. Always use a hardware weapon. These do the best damage for the horns and if you increase their swing speed perks then they are amazing. Spears and swords can work just not as well.


Tip 4: Mist Monsters

Mist monsters are really annoying in the MSK and can completely mess you up. For example when using lynxes hover you become completely vulnerable to blasters and takers which do a ton of damage. Best way to avoid this is to check your surroundings before using hover and take them out. Hover may only last 4 seconds but a lot can happen during that time.

Tip 5: Meteors

As you probably know for the canny valley SK, meteors can come from the air but only a few. However for the MSK a lot more meteors come from the sky. A lot more. To counter this you can build a roof with a pyramid over your head and try to stay dead in the middle to avoid taking any damage. Other than simply dodging them there’s not really any other way to avoid them.

Final tip: How to use your gadgets effectively.

Like I mentioned, I recommend using the hover turrets and adrenaline rush as your 2 gadgets. I’m going to tell you when it’s best to use them. Adrenaline rush can be used to revive teammates instantly but I’ve seen people use it when they can easily revive them. Only use adrenaline rush on a teammate if you know you would struggle to revive them. But if they’re safe and barely and enemies around then revive them normally as the adrenaline rush could come in handy not long after. Now onto the hover turrets. After you break both the kings horns you will have to just keep shooting at the MSK (once again use a launcher for this) and once you break the horns try and instantly deploy your turrets. Try to make sure it’s a bit above ground to avoid the turrets tracking a husk. These turrets surprisingly do a decent amount of damage on the MSK and do actually help a lot.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps. If you have a question about one of these tips or asking for any other tip just let me know! Good luck 🙂

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