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FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Tips on Inventory Management

Have issues with having too much stuff and too little space to store them? Well here's some tips on how to keep your inventory organized and manageable.

-mass craft traps. With how easy it is traps are so much easier to craft now, so just pre craft them before missions. Never underestimate how valuable a trap is. Traps in most cases are better than public teammates. Sadly.

-which traps to mass craft? You will want gas traps, floor and wall launchers, floor spikes, ceiling electric fields, broadside, and other traps such as wall darts, dynamos, but those are not as important.

-if you have issues with having not enough mats, spread your materials out. If you're an endgame player and have trouble with black char. Then just use oxidized for 130 gas traps, and then use black char for things such as broadside, floor and wall launchers.

Get rid of the unneeded:

-low tier items

-adhesive resin (99.9% useless)

-extra batteries (you get loads of that)

-rotating gizmo (loads of that by the time your in endgame, only gun your going to craft using gizmo's are revolts)

-flowers (you could use them for campfires, but you never craft enough to compensate for it)

-duct tape (ducks, ducks, ducks…)

-coal (chances are you have too much, unless your a streamer that gives out weapons, or one of those trad.., we don't speak of those)

-tier 6 items (why just why?, these things are actually more useless than adhesive resin)


Traps found in missions? WAIT, don't recycle those just yet.

-if you did not know, enhanced demolition in your ssd allows to get 100% of the mats back from traps found in missions. So gather those healing pads and get those valuable mats.

Things you especially want to enhanced demo in your ssd are:

-gas traps, healing pads, floor spikes, wall and floor launchers, campfires

If you have any other tips on how to keep a clean inventory, state them below. But I bet there's nothing more useless than adhesive resin (in terms of mission found items).

One last important things about re-perking/perking up traps:

-if you perk up traps such as I did with gas traps and made it full legendary perks. You want to transform your old gas traps into those new spicy gas traps. So you use the enhanced demolition feature to get back 100% mats.

Basic step process is:

  1. create a platform that is at least 1 tile above ground so you can destroy the whole structure in 1 pickaxe swing
  2. place the gas traps on that structure until you've placed them all
  3. break the supporting piece to destroy all the gas traps to receive 100% mats back
  4. craft away!

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