Tips so you won’t be the target of various insults from people who know how to build

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1) Husks are not able to target angles. Are you defending an atlas? 4 inverse ramps, 4 floor launchers, 4 roof traps, a little roof on top of the atlas. YES, that's enough, STOP adding walls.

2)Ramps WON'T make smashers charge. You know when there is that full smashers wave and your super teammate decided to put walls everywhere? Good luck.

3)DON'T cover everything in shit. Visibility is important. It makes TEDDYs and turrets more efficient and you won't have to play hide and seek in a Cat. 4 to even see what's that red dot on the map near your atlas.

4)STAY OUT of the damn trap tunnels if you don't have a 100% accuracy with propane guys. Guess what, the reason I put 67,3 traps there is so husks will die while going through it, there is no need for you to go inside.


5)Last but not less important, for fu*k's sake, STOP making stairs that husks can use. Oh, look, there's a FU*KING PIT north of the objective, better make some stairs so I have to defend more sides than I should have to. 😉 Also, don't build so that husks coming from a higher ground will directly jump on your objective's roof. I get it, you covered every side in platforms so you can add roof traps, cool. Just use your brain to understand THAT PLATFORM RIGHT THERE will make husks dance on our heads. Avoid that platform, please.

That's it. Today I found some terrible teammates who were ruining my constructions and I know a lot of people don't know about all these little things, but when I am telling you WHY I am building that way, STOPSPAMMINGYOURFU*KINGWALLS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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