Tips & Tricks: Frostnite and how to make your life easier

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Tips & Tricks: Frostnite and how to make your life easier

Greetings! It appears there are many players struggling with the current Frostnite challenge (and Frostnite in general) here are some game changing tips & tricks on how to survive past 30 or 45 minutes!!

  1. The Storm has Fixed Spawns even though the order of the spawn will change every single time you start a new mission, the locations will always be the same you'll just encounter them in different orders. That being said take advantage of this! Pathing will never change for the Husk and Mist Monsters, so as long as you know how to properly funnel you can build a quick frame for every spawn! Don't set traps in the frames unless it is the currently active side! Ask your teammates for all their building materials if you're going to build!

2) Lobber and Flinger Shields you may not know this but Lobbers and Flingers have a parabolic arc for a Line of Sight (LoS) and they're great at trigonometry. This is what gives them such amazing accuracy from behind mountains (what a bunch of nerds). You can block their LoS and prevent them from throwing anything by building a roof over their spawn! So as long as it is within 3 tiles of the ground level it will completely stop them from throwing anything!

3) Trap and Resource Management

  • Ceiling: Gas Trap – This is your bread and butter for defending against the first 6 waves without much waste. As you know this trap is overpowered. Don't bother using the other ceiling traps as they share too much with your mist monster slaying automatic rifles!
  • Floor: Wooden Floor Spikes and Floor Launchers – Stagger your wooden floor spikes and make sure they start off every tunnel, the slow will last for up to 1.5 tiles AFTER the Husk/Mist Monsters leave. Without the slow the majority of enemies will be able to walk through your Gas Traps without being afflicted! Not only do they slow all enemies but they even prevent those pesky Husklings from jumping at you! (Dam ankle biters). Place your Floor Launchers by your Yule Burner as they will serve as your best last defense.
  • Wall: Wall Launchers – depending on how you have your tunnels set up you can use these to send your enemies back to the start! They get to past go and get gassed again! Every husk deserves a second chance with the gas.
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Why do the other traps suck? It's simple the Ceiling Electric Field and Zapper are both Nature element, while they will deal exceptional damage against Water enemies and non-elementals, it still deals only 25% damage to Fire enemies and they use Mechanical Parts (crucial for your main weapon). The Tire Trap is just useless all together, not only does it have an absurd reload time, but, low base durability, damage, and impact it's just useless the only thing its good at is draining resources. Wall Lights have an amazing stun capability but like the other ceiling traps they use Quartz and Mechanical Parts as well both of which are more valuable on the Mist Monster Slayer (will get to this). The Darts will not deal enough damage in general again uses Mechanical Parts. Wall Spikes can be placed on your Yule Burner walls but if you do it without having an open window you will lock yourself out also regardless of wall tier and material by wave 9 the husky will slap it in 1 hit. Freeze can potentially be used to fill in the blanks you left between Wooden Floor Spikes but don't do this unless you have excess Quartz. Flame and Retractable damage traps that will do no damage due to poor scaling again waste of materials. In other words UTILITY IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT AS THE GAME DRAGS ON!

4) The HUSK SLAYER 9001!! aka Blundlebuss This right here is the answer to all your prayers, this bad boy can spit out 8 bullets faster than you can say ITS OVER 9000. Takers are glass cannons you point this gun at them put on some shades and you let them know hasta la vista, baby. Chances are if you own this weapon you've maxed it out and made it Sunbeam/Shadow Shard well guess what the damn thing takes Mechanical Parts and lots of them. Don't waste your best mechanical parts on some worthless damage traps that lose their ability to do damage by wave 7. Get this damn gun. For those of you that lack this weapon, use the Super Shredder that is the best non-event gun for killing Takers quickly and effectively which also uses Mechanical Parts.

5) Your back-up weapon okay now we know how to kill Takers and Mist Monsters lets talk about Plan B. Even with the greatest gun in the game at your disposal you can only get so far with them. Resources are extremely limited, you don't want to share your ammo type with another gun that won't be as useful. Your secondary weapon should be utility focused for when you either run out of your primary (Light Bullets or Shotgun Shells). Use a weapon that snares and make sure it uses Medium, Heavy, or Energy Cells and maker sure it's 6th Perk is Snare. The slow will be far more useful than the ability to kill it. The game only allows a set number of enemies to be on the map at any given point. Killing a Mist Monster will tell the game to spawn another one, the same applies to normal enemies, that just means more bullets you have to spend.

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6) MOST IMPORTANT!! STOP USING EXPLOSIVES!!! Explosives should only be used as a last resort, all they do is blow up presents and poof!! Your tunnels, traps, cover, lobber shield are all gone in the blink of an eye. The worst part, you're not going to be able to rebuild. RESOURCES ARE LIMITED STOP BLOWING UP TUNNELS AND TRAPS!!

That's all folks!(Link to my first run with randos:

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