To all the BR players!

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Hey Guys, I'm going to tell you my story, i bought Save the world in hopes of being able to farm V-Bucks so i can get those awsome BR skins. Little did i know i would be hooked on to Save the world for the next 2 weeks, i grinding alot, but i was seeing alot of V-bucks so the grind felt worthwhile, after the intial 2 weeks i saw the v-bucks start to slow down, thats when the game started to feel really grindy to me and i lost intrest(I THOUGHT). Got out of Stone wood, and stared playing in Planerton only to reliaze im underleveld. but then something happened that changed my opion of Save the world forever, I BUILT MY FIRST FUNNEL/TUNNEL, and oh boy did i love seeing the rewards of my hard grind and building, it felt satisfying to watch all them husks getting killed by my traps, all of sudden i was intrested again, with on main objective to build the craziest base this world has ever seen, Now i play on a daily basis, i grind both modes gaining wins in both! So please guys you're making us look bad, a game of BR last around 15-20min if my make it to the final 10, a save the surviors, destroy the encampents or build the radar take about 15-20 mins as well, choose one in an area that you need resources, need nuts bolts or metals, go to the indusrtial zone or city, wood or stone, go the grasslands, it take 5 mins to complete each of the objectives if there is a team effort, this is a team game so please don't leave all the work to one person its unfair, its like me and you landing in a house in Br and for me to keep all the guns and shield to myself and leave you defensless its not fun, so please stop making us look bad on this subreddit, if you're in it for the vbucks i got some news for you the higher you move into the game the more challengs and missions unlock the give you vbucks, but let me tell you i will not help you if you are not doing anything during the mission, i will leave your base if i come in on a ssd lv 8 or higher and you have no traps or funnels, i am not here to carry you but instead i am here to give you equal help, but i will not help if i see you don't even want to help yourself, build a funnel and tunnel and watch how much fun the game becomes. If you have a friend that can play with you its even better we were able to finish ssd 8 and 9 alone because of the trap we had at the base! So no its not super grindy, i can come out with 3k materials in one mission alone, well over 200 bolts per missions. Yes traps cost alot the amount of damage they do to the husk is unbelivable, so just like you say in Br i will say it here too….Just Build lol!

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