To all the New players, Welcome!

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Trade my Hb? You will see this spammed in global chat, its

for the lazy part of Save the world community who think that

having high level guns means anything when you are still low

level. Don't trade!

PL= Power Level its the number you see at the top left of

your screen, this is a combination of your F.O.R.T stats

F=Fortitude which is your health O=Offense which is

how much damage you can do with your weapons

R=Resistance which is your shield and finally you have

T=Tech how much damage your abilites and traps do! You

can upgrade you F.O.R.T stats in a few ways, The main way is

in your squads, there is this thing called survivors they come in

diffrent rarities and and can each be put into a squad, there are

a total of 8 squads 2 for each of the stat! You want to

match the leaders with the right squads then you want to

match the personalities and finally the bonus, as you level them

up you will watch as your PL gets higher meaning you are

becoming a true beast.

V-Bucks I know deep down alot of you only bought the game

for V-Bucks, can't blame you cause i did too back in the day,

but the best way for you to gain v-bucks is to actually play the

game, you are right now in the honey moon phase it will be

raining vbucks, but soon that will end and you will see the game


for what it is an actually grindy ass game, oooo but i love every

minute of it and you will too! Be patient learn how to build, i

only learned how to properly build once i hit Canny valley, the

third area of the game. I am now in Twine and let me tell you

this game is Grrrrrrreaaaaaaat! Farm in private lobbies to

Read:  Dear Outlanders

maximize your time, a good 20 minutes in a industrial Zone will

fill you up beautifully with all those mechanical part and nuts

and bolts you need! Alot of you are coming from Br so you are

used to smashing everything you see, dont do that search the

chests and boxes any pretty much anything you can! Guns don't mean anything if you don't have the schemtic to make it

yourself cause in a few mission that gone will be gone and you

will have to craft a new one, pay attention to the weekly store it

usally has a good gun and a good trap schemtic you can get

with the gold you get for playing missions! Anyway this got a

bit longer than i would have liked , Enjoy the game try to play when it gets too grindy take a smal break but all in all it is a great game with a great concept and building tunnels and

funnels is heaven on earth for me! Last but not least spend

those vbucks on the Super people llama here in Save the world



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