To new players: Which Limited Edition Exclusive Legendary Hero / Weapon should you pick?

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So you've upgraded to or recently purchased Limited Edition, which comes of your choice of one (1) set of two (2) Exclusive Legendary Heroes along with an Exclusive Weapon that goes with that class. Should you pick the Soldier, the Constructor, the Ninja or the Outlander?

It is important to know: only their skins are unique or exclusive; their actual class is not. The weapons, however, are unique.

Also: While you get two heroes, they are just male and female versions of the same class.

Also also: Fortnite has four "classes" which are as above Soldier, Constructor, Ninja and Outlander. Each class has a number of variants, such as Special Forces or Power Base that change what that specific character is good at. Basically a subclass. Nomenclature for most of these goes Subclass Charactername.

The Limited Edition heroes are:

Soldier: Special Forces Jonsey / Special Forces Ramirez
Reskin of: Special Forces Banshee

Constructor: Power Base Kyle / Power Base Penny
Reskin of: Power Base Knox


Ninja: Assassin Ken / Assassin Sarah
Reskin of: Assassin Sarah (this is not a typo, they have the same name)

Outlander: Recon Scout AC / Recon Scout Jess
Reskin of: Recon Scout Eagle Eye

Note that you are "equally likely" to get any of the non-exclusive base classes out of a llama in any available rarity.

If you're coming from Battle Royale you may be most comfortable with the Soldier; if you want to really slide into the "defend a base" aspect, constructor is best. If you have concerns about farming for crafting materials or looting, the Outlander is a good choice; else the Ninja is pretty good at melee (for a change of pace from shooting things).

Now, each class comes with a Founder's Weapon:

Soldier: Drumroll ("LMG" style assault rifle)
Constructor: Deconstructor (shell-fed shotgun)
Ninja: Blazing Masamune (fire sword)
Outlander: Quickshot (pistol)

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The Drumroll and Masamune are both kind of good. The Shotgun and Pistol are both kind of not. But there's a ton of good weapons from each of these categories that are not exclusive, so while it may be sad that you don't have some of them, it's truly no big deal.

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