To those that despair over making a weapon Obsidian…

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I constantly read posts filled with despair over evolving their favorite weapon to Obsidian instead of Shadowshard by mistake. I'm writing this to tell you that making a weapon Obsidian will NOT ruin it, and selecting a few key weapon to go the Obsidian route is both smart and necessary, even from a min/max point of view.

I am pl 99, in late Twine, and usually play SF, MGR, TEDD Shot, or Heavy/Power BASE. I have leveled up way to many different guns, as I find the strategic element of choosing the right guns for the right hero and situation to be one of the most fun elements of the game.

First of all, the actual difference in damage output between an Obsidian and SS weapon is often minuscule. I have never felt that I kill slower on an Obsidian gun then on a SS one. Theory-crafting with numbers is one thing, actual in-game results something else.

Since SS weapon have a slower rate of fire , I sometimes feel that an Obsidian version of the same weapon handle better. Some weapon benefit from a slower rate of fire that gives them more precision and less spread, and some weapon just feel clunkier when going SS. This is personal opinion, but I find guns like the Hacksaw and Terminator benefit greatly from a slower RoF and more precision , while I wish I made my Razorblade Obsidian since it somehow feels slow now as SS.


The real benefit though for going Obsidian is that you can evolve the gun to Brightcore. It seems like most forget that Obsidian/SS is not the end of the line, you can 5 star your weapon and go Brightcore from Obsidian and Sunbeam from SS.

The DPS hierarchy goes Sunbeam > Brightcore > Shadowshard > Obsidian. The problem with Sunbeam though is that it is pretty rare, even in high Twine. More so then Brightcore. I have more then twice as much Brightcore then Sunbeam in my inventory.

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Without dedicating a lot a time harvesting Sunbeam, I find I can only have 1-2 Sunbeam weapon that I use often without risking running out of mats. So most of my many Shadowshard guns will never see level 130, because of the rarity of Sunbeam.

So having 2-4 of your favorite guns Obsidian, means you can upgrade them to Brightcore, and level 130. And a Brightcore weapon shoot faster AND hit harder then a Shadowshard one.

So if you want the best possible min-max result from your weapon arsenal, split your favorite weapons between Shadowshard and Obsidian. You can then level as many guns as possible to 130, and benefit from all those Brightcores that would otherwise collect dust in your inventory.

So when you evolved that weapon to Obsidian by mistake, don't despair. Congratulate yourself with a strategically smart choice, and look forward to making it an awesome Brightcore weapon.

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