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Hi all, so I've played for pretty much eight months every day for minimum 4 hours a day on average. I've also spent a considerable amount of money on the game. Please dont upvote as I just want one of the devs to read this.

I've decided to stop playing until a few things happen and even then it might not be enough to get me back playing.

I have a ticket with no reply since march even if the answer to my ticket is no at least it's a reply references are #2964861 and raised a second one last week referencing the first one reference is #4377889. This is my smallest issue that countless other people have had similiar experiences with support and we don't hear anything back ever.

I'm going to talk mainly about two other things. I get that what's required is probably hard to code and even think of a system that is fair but let's go.

I play public games, I end up being paired up with a variety of players ranging from awesome who I normally friend request to the people that do enough to get the mission over the line these two probably account for maybe 50-70% of the people I play with then there is the rest, the leeches,afkers and griefers. I have played so many missions with people who make no meaningful contributions and follow me around the map asking for weapons and to trade all the while not playing the mission, after the mission finishes they get the same rewards as me although they haven't done anything. I would say almost every second game is like this and when you get a streak of multiple games on the bounce like this it's infuriating. I've never played a game that has toxicity in it like this, this community can also be toxic and admitely I can also be involved in that toxicity. I can see epic are trying to implement things to rewarding players for being active i.e cache drops and also material drops from enemies. Both of these are clear evidence that you need to be near the action or damaging enemies to get the rewards. I think when epic fix the issue of AFK/leech etc it's going to be revolved around reducing the rewards for people who didn't help out which should be put to zero. If you don't help you don't get shit. That is what needs to happen. To the people who will argue play with friends/ you can back out, that's the worst argument out and is how rape used to be viewed, that girl was wearing revealing clothing so she deserved it, it's an awful argument.


Secondly on the whole the reperk thing is awesome but it's trying to remove flexibility on weapons and being able to potentially have unique and awesome weapons now everyone's working to the same weapon/traits etc and nothing is ever going to be more op than someone's else version of the same gun, although this has reduced the amount of crap guns it also means no gun will ever be truly god tier worthy compared to another person's. The grind for the perk up varieties also needs to be changed as having to play in lesser zones is awful design, I think it needs to be changed to just "perk up" with only one kind and have maximum weapon levels again so kids in canny can only get to tier 4 perk weapons, people in plank can only get tier 3 weapons etc.

The game is going in the right direction but the sheer repetitiveness is becoming a drag and all the latest events don't actually require that much effort to pull off, some voice acting and some changes to the map. Can we get something completely different to another survive the storm or event that runs of cooldowns. I kinda want horde bash back or some form of raid in one of the previous two events the last mission we had to search areas and encountered three mini bosses at the same time that was awesome and something that should be a permanent feature or part of the raid.


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