Today was the first time I saw this and I was honestly shocked

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Today was the first time I saw this and I was honestly shocked

I'm a PL70 in Canny at SSD 4, I had a "3 missions in stonewood" daily quest so I hopped into a SW Play With Others and landed in somebodies SSD6.

They only had a basic sorta-building around their home base and nothing around any of the amplifiers and this was SSD6?! How the hell did he make it that far with nothing around the amplifiers?? Unless they were totally carried by high level players.

I did a couple of waves and then said "buddy, you need to build a hell of a lot more before expecting help" and hopped out.

First time I've ever seen this and I was actually shocked when I saw it. I've seen posts of others describing similar events but I always kind of took it with a grain of salt. Well not now, seeing is believing.


Why the heck would you play STW if you're not going to build? Its a building game for christsake.

I hopped back in and got another SSD – a 3. This person had built around their amplifiers sorta okay but hadnt trapped any, I showed her some simple funnel walls and trap tunnels and she was enthusiatic about learning, it was only her 3rd day.

Man I love helping out people like that, which is mostly what I'd encountered up to now.

When we were almost done I gave her a legendary PL58 hunter-killer.

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