TOO MUCH CLICKING (with basic-level of intense math)

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Guys, I'll shamelessly ask you to not forget to upvote if you agree with this thread. This thing just has to be seen by devs.

Finished a mission? Lets count the clicks untill you can start a new one:

  1. Victory – Press Esc to speed it up

  2. Stats – Continue

  3. Experience

  4. Pres ESC to speed it up

  5. Chests

  6. Pres ESC to speed it up

  7. Wait 10~14 seconds untill you can leave

  8. Return Homebase

  9. Open chest

  10. Next-Next-Next-Next or Collect all

  11. Other reward #1

  12. Next-Next-Next-Next or Collect all

  13. Other reward #2

  14. Next-Next-Next-Next or Collect all

  15. Other reward #3 (there are usually 2-3)

  16. Next-Next-Next-Next or Collect all

  17. Cache

  18. Next or Collect all

Or I could just wait as all animations will finish by themselves. Less clicking, but makes me pointlessly stare at the screen for exactly as long.

That is almost 20 POINTLESS clicks with unskippable frames (actually more than 20, if you like to check everything you got from reward and you click 'next' instead of 'collect all'). This could have been made into 3-4 clicks tops. With so much less clutter.


Opening exactly the same chests/rewards grew extremaly boring after like.. 10th mission. I just made my 1200th. I am so tired of this. This isn't entertaining. This is punishment.

Imagine if Fortnite BR players had to click 20 times before they could start a new game. They'd rip Epic a new a-hole with their complaints.


If each click takes a second and I have to wait for 10s on average after each mission, then overall I wasted:

(1200x10s) + (1200x20x1s) = 12000s + 24000s = 36000s

36000s / 60s = 600 minutes

600minutes / 60 = 10 HOURS

(WTF I got scared I failed with this basic math here… But I didn't)

In short, while playing this game…

I wasted 10 hours mindlessly and POINTLESSLY clicking.

Epic, please…


As worthy mention, the new perk rerolling, "Modify Perks" is yet another incredibly click-insufficient and hidden option that should be visible by design… I bet I wasted like 70-90 hours on just doing nothing but clicking in this game lol

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