Top 4 ways of obtaining vBucks & the math behind them

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Hey guys, Whitesushi here with a post on the top 4 ways you can farm up some V-Bucks right now (well almost). Of course given that it is my post, I will also give you the rough breakdown of how much you can farm across certain periods of time. Before we jump in, quick plug for my spreadsheet which contains lots of information on the game for beginners and veterans alike. Recently, I finished the skill points calculator which I talked about in my other guide to skillpoints so you guys can go and play around with it, see how many skill points you have left to obtain.

Do note that these aren't in any particular order

1. Daily Quests
So our first method on this list would definitely be to do your dailies. Each daily gives you 50 v-Bucks and there are some specific ones that give more such as

  • 3 Plankerton missions : 60 (Thanks for reminding me u/Arman276)
  • 3 Canny Valley missions : 75
  • 3 Twine Peak missions : 100

The most straightforward way to completing these would be to do them everyday. However, that is actually not the most efficient way. If you are one of those people who don't have time to play the game everyday, you should at least play for an hour every 3 days. During this hour, you can complete approximately 3 missions which is more than enough to knock out most of the dailies (so you can maybe knock 2 or 3 out and then don't have to play for another 2 or 3 days). If you look at this picture taken from my spreadsheet (recently updated by u/mbit90, my fellow spreadsheet editor who also did the awesome expeditions tab), the one I recommend re-rolling is

  • Daily Scouting

This quest requires you to be running around the map so you will be wasting precious objective time, time which can be shaved off to play another game.

Efficiency : 50 / hour
Maximum : 1500 / month

2. Event Questline

Fortnite is a game that pretty much revolves around events. These events usually offer a new "challenge gamemode" on top of a quest-line that comes with some neat back-story and nice rewards. To access the event, go to your "Play" page and locate the "View Event" button at the bottom left like this. This takes you to the event page which looks fairly similar to the Stonewood/Plankerton quest-line. Some of these quests give v-Buck rewards as you can see from the event rewards table I had setup in my spreadsheet. Some quick maffs show that going through the entire quest-line gives us a measly

  • 300 vBucks

However, these quests can take time, approximately 2~3 missions per quest but hey, vBucks is vBucks and if you can knock these out while you do your dailies, all the more efficient right? Assuming that the player takes 20 minutes per mission and spends 3 missions per quest, he would take 780 minutes (13 hours) to knock all 3 v-Buck quests out.

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Efficiency : 23.077 / hour
Maximum : 300 / month

3. Daily Alerts

These are missions that show up throughout the Fortnite world and amount of v-Bucks they give vary depending on the zone you are in. You can check the available rewards over at the Stormshield.One alerts page. Some things worth noting about these missions include

  • They reset every 6 hours (so 4 rotations each day)
  • You can only obtain rewards for 3 every 24 hours

Since you can also earn legendary transforms from these missions, the value of v-Bucks may at times not seem that lucrative. In fact, I would personally recommend save an alert or 2 just in case a legendary transform pops up. However, if you either

  • Have low power level
  • Have no friends to bring you into those Legendary transform missions
  • Just want v-Bucks

Assuming you do the 30 v-Buck missions 3 times a day, that would put you at 90 v-Bucks per day

Efficiency : 90 / hour (if you do them in a row and there's 3 around)
Maximum : 2700 / month

4. Daily Logins


Since daily login rewards were changed a few months back, I noticed that the rewards are a lot more generous. I roughly went through the list of rewards on my spreadsheet and found that after the first 70 days

  • Every 7 days you get 150 v-Bucks
  • Every 28th day (2 Fortnights), you get 300 v-Bucks
  • Every 56th day (4 Fortnights), you get 800 v-Bucks

more or less at least. So the math for this would look something like

150 + 150 + 150 + 300 + 150 + 150 + 150 + 800 = 2000

That's 2000 vBucks every 56 days which is about 1000 per month. Best part is how all you need to do is to log in and you're set

Efficiency : *** / hour
Maximum : 1000 / month

Honorable Mentions

So if you looked at my title, you might find it weird how it's the top 4 rather than top 5 or even top 6. Like, why even have an honorable mentions? The truth is if you observe the 4 methods listed above, those are repeatable and sustainable. In other words, you don't run out of them ever… unless of course Epic Games make changes to those systems. Below are the 2 other ways to gain v-Bucks but they are exhaustive and will not remain permanent options

Stormshield Defense

I mean this is pretty straightforward. You obtain 100 v-Bucks for each Stormshield Defense you knock out up to 9 per zone and 36 in total. Where did the last 4 go? Thankfully u/izzlort reminded me in the comments that the last defense in each zone gives you 150 v-Bucks each so that will be 600 v-Bucks. No maff is required to figure out that is a maximum of 4200 v-Bucks in total. That said, how fast you can obtain these is reliant on how far you can progress your quest-line in the game. In fact, a lot of people hardly even complete them all to obtain the full 4200 v-Bucks

Collections Book

Like the above, this is exhaustive in nature as well. I ran through my spreadsheet, where I once again have the collection book information thanks to u/nordrasir, and found that you get at most 1500 vBucks from it That's really sad to be honest. If you are curious, they are found in batches of 500 at levels

  • 6
  • 26
  • 91
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Clearly, this isn't a good mean of obtaining v-Bucks at all but I would say it's easy enough for most people to get to level 26 and pick up the "free" 1000 v-Bucks


(Ah yes, forgot about this little guy). These are essentially quests that are unlocked as you play the game. There are a total of 5 challenges in the game but only 3 of them give vBuck rewards. They are

  • Mission Accomplished : 50 vBucks (Complete missions)
  • Hold the Door! : 50 vBucks (Complete SSDs)
  • Toxic Treasures : 30 vBucks (Destroy mimics)

Since each of them can be completed up to 20 times, the total amount of v-Bucks you can earn adds up to *2600. Of course these are exhaustive which is why they land a spot in the honorable mentions.


If we just total up the amount of v-Bucks we obtain per month based on the maximums I've listed, that's a whopping 5500 v-Bucks per month. I mean sure it does take some time but if we look at how much v-Bucks cost in the store, that's akin to the game giving us $50 per month just for playing approximately an hour a day. (Of course that's not quite how it works but you get the point).

A long time ago I made a post on v-Bucks here but that guide is 7 months old so I wouldn't recommend you guys taking any information. However, it is blatantly clear that alert missions and daily missions are extremely rewarding right now which explains the massive increase in v-Bucks/month up from my old estimate of 2600.

On a side note if you ask me what llamas you should buy, I would recommend Troll Truck/ Troll Stash > Super People for the newer players and Super People > Troll Truck/ Troll Stash for the veterans

TL;DR 5500 v-Bucks / month

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