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Hey guys, Whitesushi here. I know there are plenty of "new player tips" posts out there. However, I am going to do something different today. Rather than the usual "you should do this" kind of tips, I will be telling you guys the things you absolutely do not want to do. These things will have irreversible consequences which you can't fix and might regret going into the late game

If you are a min-maxer or just someone who's curious about how a lot of the mechanics and stuff in this game work, do check out my fortnite spreadsheet which has a lot of those information available. Also, my 4.0 posts will take a little longer than expected because my laptop crashed in the process of writing it yesterday and I have to start over.

5. Do not recycle your duplicates

If you have 2 or more of the same weapon, survivor, hero or anything for that matter, it doesn't mean you should just recycle/ collection book them. Weapons can come with different perks, survivors with different personalities/ set bonus and you might find yourself using the same hero more than once, in both the main and support/tactical slot. There is also a thing whereby you can instead transform these resources into other types (read up more on this in my other post) and then recycling those to make up for shortages in certain manuals/ experience. In essence, while it may give you some nice exp and manuals in the short run, you may potentially lose out on something good, something you really want to use going forward.

4. Do not evolve your weapons to Obsidian

With the exception of Launchers (rockets and such), everything else have the option to be made Shadowshard. If we were to look at the numbers, Shadowshard weapons edge out Obsidian weapons in every possible way (yes including the durability factor).

You can read more about it in my post here.

Either way, while going for a balance in Obsidian & Shadowshard allows for more efficient allocation of resources, going pure Shadowshard is the undisputed more optimal method of doing things. In most cases, you won't ever run out of Shadowshard as long as you pick them up whenever you see them and clear out encampments you bump into along the way that awards those. If you are still not convinced, just think when was the last time someone ranted about making their weapon Shadowshard instead of Obsidian? Never.

3. Do not level weapons beyond your zone

As it is right now, weapons are capped stat-wise 1 tier higher than the supposed zone. For example,

  • Stonewood : up to level 20
  • Plankerton : up to level 30
  • Canny Valley : up to level 40
  • Twine Peaks : up to level 50

As such, new players are tempted to evolve their weapons to that higher tier to get more damage. However, the zones themselves only offer abundant resources of the level appropriate weapons such as

  • Stonewood : Copper – up to level 10
  • Plankerton : Silver – up to level 20
  • Canny Valley : Malachite – up to level 30
  • Twine Peaks : Obsidian/Shadowshard – up to level 40

Unless you are constantly doing the highest level missions in the zone, you will find yourself lacking the higher tier resources and won't be able to craft your weapons. Thus, I recommend simply sticking your weapon levels to the zone levels and only make the upgrade once you enter the next zone.

2. Do not put stuff into the collections book unless you know what you are doing

Knowing what to put into the collections book encompass elements such as understanding what makes something good, having the foresight to know if something might be good in the future and even knowing your own ability to get something better. You can get a rough understanding of the first point by reading my other post on perks and identifying great weapons but the only way to grasp at the later two is by playing the game and gaining experience along the way, something that wouldn't apply to new players. If you are, however, really running out of space and can't afford picking up some armory slots from the store, I would say it's safe to collections book anything that is common (grey) and uncommon (green). Regarding the point of rare (blue) items, you want to at least have some blue weapons/ survivors lest you have nothing better. Some blue heroes are also good to keep for their support/tactical bonuses.

1. Do not waste your skill points

This is the most important point to takeaway from this post. If you aren't already aware, right now you don't get enough points to max out everything in the skill tree. I have a post detailing the sources of skill points and where you can spend them on over here. In other words, you have to be picky with what you take. It goes without saying that the Defender slots are close to useless but recent gadget changes indicate Epic looking to improve them in the near future. As such, there is currently no good way to go about allocating skill points since you constantly find yourself giving up something important/ significant. Thus, my recommendation would be to hold onto as many skill points as possible unless you absolutely need it

Yes even if you are sitting on 150 points before the next skill tree, DO NOT waste them on points you don't need

Honorable Mentions

Having covered the things you don't want to do, here are 3 other side tips that I urge you to do. While they are not necessarily game changing factors, doing them early will only benefit you going to the later stages of the game.

1. Make friends

If you come across someone in your game whom you would like to play with again, do not hesitate to add them to your friends list. Having more friends would open up opportunities later on especially when trying to complete pesky missions you can't normally find in public lobbies. There's also the added benefit where friends sometimes invite others into their almost-complete missions for rewards when there are slots available. In short, there's really no harm adding people who you enjoy playing with and you will more than likely stand to gain in the long term

2. Make your way to Canny Valley

This is primarily to unlock the skill tree tier 3 and gain access to the research points generation node. This in turn lets you gain the maximum research points/ hour possible and drastically shorten the amount of time needed to max out your research tree. Just for your information, the tree takes up to several months of logging in everyday to max even with the skill unlocked. This is not to mention the other uses for research points including transformations and expeditions so it never hurts to have more of it

3. Make sure you log in everyday

You can collect your daily rewards for almost no effort at all, your research points which is important as mentioned earlier and even send out expeditions if you are into that. All in all, it's a great way to stock up on resources without spending much time at all (very similar to systems found in mobile games). You can even knock out your dailies while you are at it for some vBuck rewards and weekly store tokens just to further bolster your hoarde. It may not seem apparent at first but it all adds up and one day when you play the game more consistently, you will look back to all the stuff you have collected over the months and be glad that you did them.


Those are the things you absolutely do not want to mess up in this game since there's currently very little means of fixing them (I know some people write in to customer support complaining about accidentally Obsidian-ing their weapons a lot). Everything else not mentioned are either inconsequential or can be fixed with time. Hope you guys, especially the newer players, find this useful. Have you guys messed something up already? If so, do let me know in the comments so I can get a good chuckle :V

TL;DR Don't get rid of stuff you aren't sure if you should get rid of, don't Obsidian your weapons, don't level your weapons beyond your zone and don't waste skill points.

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