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So I had my first experience with a toxic high end player. I joined a play with others Mission in canny. It was a retrieve the data mission. There were two PL 50ish players and one PL 124. (I’m player 91) So I load in and head right to the landing site and 124 is building a David dean atlas build on the one side that is open and setting up a defenders (which now that I think about it is weird, he had two defenders deployed and we had a full squad).

Anyways, he’s doing his thing so I go over to the spawn point and start building some tunnels. I had just finished my twine 3 SSD so I was low on mats (stupid herbs) but I had some 106 traps leftover so I threw a few in my tunnel and didn’t really think too much about it being overpowered. 124 comes over and starts talking trash over his mic about how stupid I am for using these traps because they are double what I should be using and how my player level doesn’t match my stupid decision. Anyways I ignore him cause I don’t need to explain myself to some dick in the game.

So the balloon lands and between his defenders, the atlas style build and my trap tunnel there is not much for me (or the other players) to do except kill the lone husk that makes it through. 124 is running around like he’s defending a 100 4 player mission. He’s talking trash the whole time to all of us telling us how lucky we are that he is in that mission and just being a jerk for no reason. Every player was there defending the objective and contributing.


So we finish easily and at the end screen my combat level is like 4000 and the the other two are both about 1500. 124’s is like 8000 (I’m assuming from his spastic defending plus the two defenders he put up?). Of course the trash talking continues through the end chests and closing screens, telling us all we are weak and will never make it in twine and how he could have soloed the mission.

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I gotta say he really made high end players look like entitled assholes. Especially in a mission where everyone was contributing and no one was asking for guns or to trade or AFK. This is the type of player who comes and runs around my llama stealing my loot while I break it. This is the type of player who opens the storm chest without announcing it and then can’t kill 50 husks in time. This is the type of player who shoots the balloon down before defenses are up and then blames everyone else for failing the mission. This is the guy who talks shit to other players who are helping build or defend. I hate players like 124

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