Trap Wheel 2.0 QoL Update

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Trap Wheel 2.0 QoL Update

So its been 3 years with tons of great QoL changes, especially recently. In the nature of building being such a major part of game play, one thing we really need is an update for trap selection. First up some frustrations brought up by the current way we select traps, then my ideas on potential solutions.


  1. Limited selection, even if you have one of each trap a maximum of 8 is shown. Annoying since there's 13 different floor traps. (7 wall traps, 4 roof traps, so these always show, but stacking like i mention in 'point 2.' still happens)
  2. Trap stacking, multiple of the same traps take the space of other options.

  1. Perks, no way to distinguish between perks on the same trap.

  1. Clunky navigating with multiple confirms.5. Being forced to go into the inventory to select the traps that ain't showing up, or making sure its the right perked trap you choose.6. Roof, floor, wall placement. Roof is on the bottom, not ideal.



  1. Increase maximum shown traps to 13 for floor traps. At least show 1 of each trap if they are held in the inventory. Roof and Wall traps could remain the same or check 'solution 2.'
  2. To eliminate showing duplicate of the same perked traps, count the total amount instead of maximum 200

  1. Instead of seeing multiple of the same traps, have the wheel expand showing all your perk variants. This could also be done by going deeper into the trap wheel, have a whole new screen and a small box showing the perks upon hovering over it or have it always be shown to the side of each trap

  1. Introduce a 'press & hold' to select on release.

  2. Will hopefully be eliminate by the above changes.

  3. Change placement of tiles for more natural feel. Up for ceiling, left & right for walls and down for floor.

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