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Since Broadside came out and it kind of shook the meta a bit i started thinking about some more traps. I know it's difficult to add them in as they shape the balance of the game. Some of these are extremely hard to produce in terms of development, but it's cool to think about them nonetheless.

The Trasher: Similar to those ''drawers'' you use to drop laundry or garbage in the big hotels and such. A wall trap that replaces a wall and precludes the chance to put a perpendicular floor trap; it almost works like a Wall launcher, but it's triggered by ''pressure'', meaning that when a certain amount of husks or a Smasher goes onto it, the whole 90° flips dropping whatever is passing on the tile behind the wall. This is some sort of ''value'' timeoutzone, meaning you can build specific boxes or launchers to have maximum value adjacent to the back of this trap, with the drawback that smaller waves will tend to pass by unnoticed. For example Broadside has an insane value when it's popped by a wave, but those 6-8 seconds are atrocious when triggered by a single huskling.

Adaptive chamber (can be placed on any surface): whenever an element based trap is triggered within a box with this trap it charges up, and upon reaching tolerance level, it triggers its special effect (like a mini HBK tile). Lightining: supercharges the traps increasing their recharge rate by x%; Fire: overheats the grills so that they keep doing x% damage even when inactive; Physical: absorbs impact increasing the next trigger damage by x%; Water: squirts out residual condensate prolonging by x the time husks are affected by the trap. You can access element selection similar to Defenders when you have multi element boxes. This enhances mixed tunnels, making all traps more appealing.

Traffic light: a floor trap shaped like an oblique wall that keeps moving every x seconds to split husks. You usually want husks to be close together, but this trap could shine when you have big waves and a kind of ''dead zone'' you probably trapped up, but it's most likely to not get attacked (ex: in close quarters defenses like RTDs some time you simply have a dead corner, this will allow you to use it effectively while lowering the stress over a structure you may be healing). Should also be good for clogged corridors that risk Propanes sudoku.


Revive stimdrone: Tired of using only Defenders with Obliterator in a box? Build a one length wall next to their ''trap'' and use this defensive stim shooter that detects downed targets (yes, team mates too) and shoots them with adrenaline to be revived.

Paint shower: ceiling trap that coats husks in paint making them take damage as if they were Pysical. (this is kind of nuts, but i'd like to see something toying around with elemental husks).

BASE extender: a floor trap that can be put over a box to extend the connection of BASE to whatever it is underneath (meaning only the floor it is attached to and ideally the ceiling trap that's underneath said floor, not the entire box).

Projectile enhancer: an energy wall that you can place just like any other wall, but that shields you from projectiles and that enhances yours, boosting their energy damage by x%. Can be placed in encampments to shoot and have better protection, can be placed in trap tunnels to transform Physical projectile traps (Broad/walldarts) into energy. Getting shot through this wall consumes trice as much its charges (so you actually do not use it like a permanent defense tool). Does not stack when you shoot, but if you are behind two walls they both take durability damage.

Hope it was a fun read that boosted your imagination. Didn't put specific numbers because only Epic could properly test them so i think it's pretty pointless.

Side note: As it has been asked already the first thing i hope they implement is the new BR bow, it would fit the sniper category very well. It is almost an hitscan weapon with a short delay to charge it up and a minuscule impact explosion. Definitely one of the most fun and well designed weapon (then again ignoring balance as it's ot), would be amazing to try it out while triple jumping with a ninja.

Trasher reference for better understanding:
iguK32j - Traps ideas

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