Turn that F.O.R.T into F.O.R.T.S

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Turn that F.O.R.T into F.O.R.T.S

Dunno if it was already suggested, kind of hard to search for this.

Don't flame me if it already was, just let the post die into oblivion 😀

I think it would be cool for a new player stat, tentatively called: Scavenge or Salvage (I'm gonna call it this way in this post).

The idea is for it to work as a modifier for loot/gathering.

It would work in two ways: Increase the amount of gathered materials/loot (i.e: the now dead since 8.0, chance for 2x mats from some outlanders); and after some threshold increase the quality of the loot.

First of all: not saying it should increase the rarity of chests/weapons/traps, or make an 1x evo/perk mission reward to grant 4x, because that would be too OP.

The objective of this suggestion is to reduce SOME of the grind, and to give some sort of motivation for higher level players to help lower level one.

Not to CARRY them!! just to have another reason besides 4x evo mat and V-Bucks missions to play lower tier zones.

What I'm saying goes about the following lines:

You pickaxed a wall down, and you would have gotten a total of 20 units of the material; depending on your Salvage stat, you get 10%, 20%, 30% bonus units. (Not 2x as the original bonus, since it's no longer random, but constant)

With a high enough Salvage stat you get bonuses of this sort:

If you were to pick 1 herb/flower/bacon/etc from a plant/bush/pot/refrigerator/etc, bonus units of that loot.

If you were to pick a tier 1 craft material, you get a tier 2 one.

And so on

This stat should be capped to zone level just like any other stat, and the minimum amount for bonuses activation should increase with zone level too.

To do some sort of graphical explanation, consider the following line as the value of Salvage stat (lower values on the left,higher values on the right) <—–A———-B———-C—–> where:

A,B and C all move up the scale with the Zone level.

A is absolute minimum limit on which the bonuses apply on that zone level.

C is the absolute maximum limit or CAP for that zone level.

And your Salvage stat value, should be affected by party bonuses like all other stats.


For building mats amount bonuses:

Once you reach A you get the 10% bonus

Once you reach B you get the 20% bonus

Once you reach C you get the 30% bonus

For general crafting mats

A would increase the amount by 1/3

B would increase the amount by 2/3

C would double the amount.

For crafting mats that always drop in ones

A and B would not give any bonuses

C would give 1 more units

For tiered crafting mats

A and B would not give any bonus.

C would increase 1 star (e.g: Sturdy mech parts to Sleek; copper to silver, etc)

I reckon this posses a problem with Malachite, since it could transform both to obsidian and shadowshard…

My only "solution" to this would be to invoke the almighty RNG and chose randomly 🙁

This new stat would require a rework of the Research Lab and Survivors,

A new category should open in the lab and the amount of points per hr we get should increase to take this into account.

A new survivor squads should be created (Scavengers) which will require three more Mythic Leads; and the rate at which we get survivors (specially legendary) should be increased some to balance this out.

And it would also open the door to new perks and bonuses from set schematics.

A perk for increasing the effect of the stat could be added as a possible 6th perk to weapons.

EPIC Scavenger set weapons for example, could have this 6th perk.

As a veeeery outreach passive bonus, when we reach the CAP value of this stat for the zone level we are playing, allow us to "ping" (sonar style) chests and safes (only chests and safes, not general containers). To not make In the zone passive (aka keen eyes) from outlanders useless, instead of seeing the chest position through walls; It should be shown as an arrow on the borders of the mini map showing us the cardinal direction of the closest one (in case there's more than one near). ONLY the arrow, no minimap chest mark or anything like that.

Ofc it should be limited to 1/2 tiles distance like Keen Eyes.

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