Twine Peaks 4x Mission Rewards (Week 1)

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Twine Peaks 4x Mission Rewards (Week 1)

Last Friday I started tracking the Twine Peaks 4x mission rewards because I wanted to know for sure how infrequently Evolution and Perk rewards were in the rotation. At the end of the post is a link to the Google Sheet that I will continue to update but here's a quick summary.

Total Available Rewards: 140
XP Rewards: 125 (89.29%)
Evo Rewards: 10 (7.14%)
Perk Rewards: 5 (3.57%)

Notable takeaways so far:

  1. Of the 10 Evo rewards 5 were Lightning in a Bottle and only 2 were Pure Drops of Rain and both were in the last 24 hours.
  2. There were only 2 4x Perk-up missions with each offering 1 Epic Perk-up as a reward.
  3. During the Prime window for NAE (when I normally can play and I believe the highest populated server) 5:20 PM to 11:20 PM there 35 4x mission with 34 XP rewards, 1 Evo and 0 Perk.

I can only speak for myself and the group of friends I normally play with. We really only play for Evo and Perk. I need Pure Drops of Rain, Eye of the Storm, Epic Perk-up, Legendary Perk-up and Re-perk. During the times I could play a full rotation none of these rewards were available. I managed to play a few games in the rotations either before or after to get some of the rewards I need but it's quite frustrating logging in to see nothing but XP rewards.

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week ( many of the friends I normally play with have either stopped playing or are rarely playing over the last few weeks because the rewards just aren't worth it. I only played yesterday after playing Borderlands for a few hours to help one of them on their second account. I too have a second account that just finished Canny but I have little motivation to play on it other than to get enough gold to buy the event heroes and schematics because the lack of hero loadout options I have makes the game far less interesting.


I did stay up a little late last night to play the Pure Drops of Rain 4x but nearly fell asleep doing so because of course it was a Retrieve the Data where we just healed the walls and put up delay traps. If it were a Deliver the Bomb or Quad Atlas I would've likely played the full rotation because they can be speed run and it is the one resource I need the most of to get all my heroes to 130 (which is totally unnecessary but the only thing worth doing at this point).

Anyway here's the sheet, which I'll continue to update and post results once a week. Really hope we can get the ratio changed to at least give us 1 Evo and 1 Perk (especially a 4x Epic Perk-up) per rotation so everyone has a chance to get the rewards they need. Also hope my post earlier this week gets some traction at Epic and they can give us mostly, if not only Evo and Perk rewards in the higher difficulty missions that will be coming in a few weeks.

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