Twine Peaks Endurance Mode Full Clear 30/30

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Twine Peaks Endurance Mode Full Clear 30/30

Hey everyone, AlluraSC here. Last night our team ( ASC 唔係路Road, CapsulezQQ, moth_e, myself ) together with input from many others from the community and (unofficial) guild got a full clear of 30/30 waves on Twine Peaks Endurance Mode. We got to wave 25/30 twice but failed to the "Crash Notification Boss" (wrt this post by
Magyst - Twine Peaks Endurance Mode Full Clear 30/30

/u/Magyst here: )

<Top Tips>

– Remove Freeze Mechanics

We adapted our strategy and removed all freeze mechanics (freeze traps, freezeboi Zenith)

– Do not use all Build Limit + UFO Boss (Wave 25)

I find this important to react to unforeseen situations arising, like sealing lobbers/flingers, reinforcing funnels, as well as mobility. Being able to build towards UFO to gap close is HUGE to kill it ASAP.

– Enclose Amplifiers

Seen some people run naked Amps, not only does this open it to possible lobber/flinger shenanigans, but Smashers and Propane mechanics as well will get affected, possibly accounting for people finding propane's going off and throwing inside funnels for "no apparent reason"

– 5x Impact Floor Launchers


PL300+ Smashers are no joke, and being able to deal *close to* (edit: thanks
/u/An-Alice ) >50% Health total< of probably hundreds of millions of health in a single shot to ALL units on a tile is probably one of the mechanics allowing players to clear this event and any like it. I cannot confirm this but something might have been done regarding this, as during one of our runs I could have sworn seeing a non-elemental horned smasher flung for the reduced amount. IIRC in Frostnite Smashers took about 90-95% of their health total instead. If anyone has more info about this please do let me know.

– Permission Management

A strange mechanic which basically allows the host to drop perms from teammates, allowing explosive and AOE spam into funnels with impunity significantly reduced the challenge of this event. But do it anyway since it's essentially a part of the game. Turn off when shooting into funnels and on when building / replacing traps is needed.

I am unsure of the policy regarding Twitch Clips here in reddit, so I'll probably put a link in the comments section for the VOD and final clear moments. Do feel free to ask me any questions, will be happy to help. Cheers.

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