Types of Players I Hate to Match With.

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Types of Players I Hate to Match With.

I've only been playing since shortly before Fortnitemares and I'm currently mid way through the Plankerton storyline. Even in such a short time, I've managed to see just how toxic some of this playerbase is.

  1. AFKers

This is like preaching to the choir when it comes to this sub. What I hate though is the people who AFK in important situations. I start a SSD because two people have joined and I end up having to solo the entire thing while they sit there. Then immediately leave after the stat screen. People like you should be shot.

  1. Trade spammers

Also highly talked about here. You load into a mission only to have a person already building a box around you to trade. Even worse is when they have a mic and spam you with requests to trade. These are generally younger kids who do this, but I occasionally get an older person who does it and goddamn it's annoying. No, I don't want your stupid gun that's already in poor condition. Even if it wasn't, it's not like I'll have the schematics to make my own gun anyways.

I'm perfectly fine with the players who may get your attention and drop a random gun on the ground for you and aren't expecting anything in return. More often than not, I'll drop something in return as a thank you.

  1. Trade Spammers that leave.

These are the little shits who's only purpose in a lobby is to trade. As soon as you deny the trade or tell them to fu*k off, they leave the mission.

This is especially annoying for me because it most recently happened on the Plankerton mission where you need to do 3 Play With Others missions. So I join into a Fight the Storm with one other guy present. Spams me with invites as I build around the two Atlases. Fine gets annoyed and leaves right before the attack kicks off. Luckily I was running Tank Penny and had decent enough trap tunnels and fortifications that I only had to baby sit one Atlas. Fu*k you kid.

  1. Trolls.
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Oh we've made it though 90% of the mission and now the final strong wave of husks are coming? Let's open arches, explode tunnels, or dance on top of the objective the entire siege and cause us to lose. Like why? You should be beaten like the abomination you are.

I'll happily play with 3 Outlanders as long as they actively contribute. But if you fall into these categories then you're absolute trash.

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