Ultimate edition and Founders items need reworked

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Ultimate edition and Founders items need reworked

With every major update I'm having more and more regrets having purchased the ultimate edition of the game.


Founders Heros are now just a reskin of a perk that can't be stacked, so what's the point in owning 2 of the same perk?, before it was a reskin of a class which was appealing if the class was good i.e powerbase. On top of this you could stack the founder hero with another of the same class for example having your primary hero be Recon Scout with another recon scout in support. I understand this could be a minor gripe depending on how you look at this, but it was one of the selling points that made me want to get this bundle but now it's gone I could just acquire the one base game hero and be done.

Most of the founders weapons have lost their value across the updates for example the nocturno (while most see it as a meme for trading purposes) was a good gun and has since been power crept by a number of assault rifles. The other founders weapons such as the deconstructor were devalued with the perk-recombobulator because any standard gun can be reperked to be just as good. With the latest update to the game the Founders revolt (a well loved gun by all) has had its chaining damage guaranteeing head shots removed.

Founders Chat has been disabled for months with no sign of it returning (I think it's still advertised)


The backpack space (10 spaces) barely makes a difference after the U.I rework where everyone could acquire something 50-60 extra slots through upgrades. While its great we got lots more base game slots it severely devalues the 10 you get from the biggest edition.

Troll stash llamas while still good are devalued by the X-Ray llamas somewhat because seemingly at least every 2 days your upgrade llama will go gold and can give just as much if not more legendary loot than troll stash llamas.

Whilst its great the base game has had all these fantastic updates I personally feel robbed of all the advantages the ultimate edition gave me and feel like there's really no incentive to buy this edition. I understand this is all personal opinion and that there will be people who disagree with some of these points and I can see where you are coming from.

I'm not sure what Epic could do to fix it because things I dislike some will like and some things I like people will dislike. I do think some sort of compensation such as llamas or something unique that's actually useful/worth having because right now none of the ultimate edition stuff feels worth it.

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