Unable to play Save the world for weeks with no help

index - Unable to play Save the world for weeks with no help

Unable to play save the world for weeks with no help.

So months ago I bought a code online for save the world. I know stupid right, but I was not the only one. One day it just stopped working, and I just could not access save the world at all. When I clicked on it the only thing available to buy was the standard to deluxe upgrade… so naturally I saved up and bought it thinking that It would fix my problem, Since I had no notification that my account was revoked until 3 weeks after I lost access. Anyways The person who sold it to me refunded their limited edition pack, which means my code was refunded as well. Makes sense. In the email epic sent me to notify me, (It was 3 weeks late so I have been missing all of the daily quests, login rewards and llamas that epic has been giving out) they said that if I bought the game again I would be able to play STW again. So I saved up and bought it from epic. Guess what, it still does not work and I get an error message whenever I open fortnite.

I now have opened 3 tickets regarding 1: fixing my account so I can use STW: no response, 2: refunding my standard to deluxe upgrade: no response, 3: refunding my purchase of the founders pack that I bought after they said if I bought it I would have access to the game again, with my current progress. Then I got a message from the last ticket saying that they do not refund founders packs. I bought the game expecting to be able to play it, and now when it does not work at all, for weeks with no help, I am just out the $60 I spent to get the game and the upgrade. This is my last chance at getting a fix for my account since epic has no live support or phone I can call. This is bad business practice on epics part, and I understand that there may be nothing they can do to fix my account, but at least refund me until it is fixed. I would rather them fix it than refund me, but they have not been fixing it for anyone else having this problem, and i know other people are because of this fourums post:

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This turns me off to the epic games company and fortnite so much. I can only play battle royale now, but I actually prefer save the world. I don't usually ask for upvotes but this is a problem that I know for a fact other people are having. so please upvote if you or someone you know has this problem or if you would like to see it get fixed. I have put over $100 into this game because I supported the developers, and I know other people with this problem have put countless hours and resources into the game. Even if it is a small amount of people, it is not fair that we are being overlooked. basically anyone who has been affected by this is being screwed over because they will not fix it and they will not fix or refund my game. I am asking the brilliant reddit community to give this problem some acknowledgement. Thanks for reading.

TL,DR: Epic doesn't acknowledge the problems some people have been having logging into save the world after spending money to gain access to it.

email saying I would be able to play if I bought fortnite STW from their website

Error message I get when opening fortnite

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