Unpopular opinion but this subreddit is filled with the same threads on the same topic that everyone knows about

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Look, I get that The Epic STW team has been doing a worse job than BR. I know that BR gets bugged fixed faster because they don’t have to deal with Husk AI. I get that we have been feeling like the hated step child for the longest time. But seriously, people have been acting like epic doesn’t do anything or listen to this community. Yes, their team takes longer than BR: yes. it seems like the BR team is more competent; yes, it feels like we’re being overshadowed by BR. But we don’t need multiple threads on the same issue every day. At this point it’s just karma whoring with different threads of people complaining every single day about the same issue. Yes, epic takes longer, but no, they do not ignore us and will not shut this game down. I played through the times when gold was capped at 1k and seriously hard to grind when missions have you maybe 30 at most and side quests barely offered any more and mini llamas didn’t give gold. I played through when sprinting costed stamina (and depleted quickly) and there was no hover board and ninjas’ double jumps costed 50 stamina, meaning you almost never used it in combat. I played through the times when there was no 4x missions and grinding exp and evolution materials (raindrops mainly) were a pain to grind. I played when barely got exp back from recycling schematics and no evolution materials. I played when there was no re-perking at all and you had to rely on random rolls and would throw away trash schematics with durability/ useless rolls. I played when there wasn’t a PL cap and constantly played with people 20+ PLs under the mission through Plankerton and Canny. I played when the cap for building materials was 1k each at every zone and mats were stacked at 99 so the backpack upgrades were actual priorities in the skill/research tree as opposed to survivor slots. I played when hero damage sucked and shock towers sucked and most abilities in the game, except for Dragon’s dragon slash sucked and constructor abilities did almost no damage and only provided utility; back when kinetic overload had a six second cooldown and was pretty useless. I played when melee damage was 1/3 of the damage it is today and was completely unviable unless you were swarmed and didn’t have AOE abilities. There’s been so much improvement over the last few months and people are being spoiled by how the game is now. Epic does listen to the playerbase and epic does listen to our concerns and have been actively improving the game based off our comments for months. But that doesn’t mean we need to keep blatantly karma whoring by ranting about the same issues again and again and again. If you want to complain about something, bring up a new issue that people don’t talk about. Bring up issues epic can become aware of that people don’t already know. Bugs that need to be fixed, improvements where it’s necessary (for example: reperk takes forever to farm but at least we have it). Stop talking about how Epic treats us worse than BR, WE KNOW. They will improve the game in due time so just sit back and wait. Will it take longer than BR due to the fact that the game is much bigger and has several issues to deal with? Yes so stop complaining about epic treating us worse, everyone already knows this.


TL;DR: we know STW has lower priority than BR but it doesn’t mean they’re ignoring us. Stop making the same complaints over and over and over again. Make posts about issues or bugs epic doesn’t know about or needs to improve. Not stupid rants that they don’t care about us because they do.

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