Unpopular opinion on the whole duping issue

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*** I've posted this in response to a Magyst comment, but i felt it was only right to give it it's own post. Magyst commented on dupers "breaking the economy" and it being wrong/punishable with bans. ***

Interesting. First Epic claims they don't support trading, but now all of a sudden, you're supporting an economy?

Allow me to play devil's advocate;

Consistency — When there was the RTS and RTL bug, it wasn't a biggie. Now that there's the duping glitch, Epic is threatening with bans. I don't see how this is just. I honestly would understand inventory wipes for duping, but bans are a step to far, and more a show of weakness than enforcing rules, since you didn't enforce those rules during previous glitches.

I do see that this glitch is causing more of a ruckus than the previous ones are. You take the standpoint of this being glitch abuse/cheating. Fine by me. You can not, however enforce rules on an elective basis. Either enforce the rules, or don't. If people get banned for abusing the dupe glitch, they should get banned for the RTL/RTS glitches. Is Epic's feeling of Justice: We take actions against those who break the rules, depending on how outraged the public is?

Hipocrisy — First of, you state (at least epic does that in their official discord) that you do NOT support trading.

Suddenly, a duping glitch appears that breaks the economy. Trading isn't viable anymore. Epic turns around and says it is breaking the economy, and that is a major trangression punishable by bans.


Epic, come on. Are you really going to support something you've stated to be against?

Player outrage — The player outrage you're responding to is: "It's unfair!". Besides breaking Code of Conduct (which obviously isn't a valid argument, since Epic didn't care about bugs/glitches up until now), i have yet to hear one good argument against duping. Yes some people might have more resources, but how does that negatively impact others? If anything, a duper with loads of good guns would only benefit your team, making it less hard on the team. (and i think we can all agree that the sudden decline of people asking for taxi's into higher zones is a blessing). So what if a power 10 has 300 rainbow crystals. It's useless anyway, WHO CARES.

If this were a PVP game, i'd understand, and it WOULD be unfair. Now that we're in a co-op environment, it's really not that unfair.

Closing statement; Yes, it's wrong, it's against Code of Conduct, we all agreed to it. – Is Epic right in threatening with bans? No – not in my opninon. It's giving off such a negative vibe, and it's getting a bit boring. Are you really going to ban 25% (conservative estimate of people that duped) of your playerbase?

Let me know what you think.

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