Unpopular Opinion: Some llamas are good, but no llama is worth the V-Bucks, not even Super People.

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - Unpopular Opinion: Some llamas are good, but no llama is worth the V-Bucks, not even Super People.

Hear me out, and read till the end.

Heroes: Can be recruited, and very easy to come now

Defenders: Not many need them, but you still get one per event

Survivors: Game gives you 2 Epics weekly. PSA: You can achieve PL 115 with zero legendary/mythic survivors.

Weapons: Also can be recruited, and some damn good stuff is being put in the event store (Bobcat, Walloper, Obilerator, Hydra, Tiger)

Moreover you also get great stuff from Event llamas. Flux is available to upgrade rarities.

None of the llamas feel worth the vbucks to be honest, not even Super People because it's ultimately just a chance to get a slight increase in PL. Moreover, they are diluted with heroes and defenders. Once you reach PL 90 you can perform well in even the PL 100 4-player missions. The grind for v-bucks really doesn't justify these costs especially with how flexible the game is right now.

Just my opinion, this is ultimately a F2P game but a lot of people ask "Is X llama worth it?" A very good way to evaluate is to understand the progression in this game. Also go to Youtube and check a bunch of llama openings for that particular one, and ask yourself if that is worth the vbucks.


BUT, some of them like Super People and Smorgasbord will still give you great stuff often, and I've purchased a lot of llamas to speed up progression. Just putting it out there that none of it is necessary. I never understood the obsession behind 8 mythics, going PL 120+ is only going to make the game too easy. I actually stopped grinding survivor XP when I got to PL 90+.

On the flip side, most of the skins in BR aren't worth the v-buck investment either. I'm gonna get downvoted hard for this, but the best place to spend v-bucks is probably just the BR Battle Pass.

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That said, Llama openings are a hell lotta fun in general and you're gonna have a lot of vbucks every once in a while. Plus, right now is a great time to buy some for the anniversary tickets that have a large pool of obtainable weapons and heroes that will be very rare in the future.

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