Update on Shock Gunner Outlander bug with fast fire shotguns

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Update on Shock Gunner Outlander bug with fast fire shotguns

Yesterday, I made a post (found here) detailing a bad bug on the new Shock Gunner Outlander where their damage per shot is lagged/delayed on fast firing shotguns like the Room Sweeper.

Today, I took a brand new Shock Gunner from level 1 and slowly leveled it to see if one of the perks is causing the problem.

Level 1 – No perks, firing Room Sweeper in to a wall. Damage per shot resolves fine. No problem.

Level 2 – Gains Phase Shift. Still no problem.

Level 5 – Shotgun rate of fire 35% increase. I for sure thought the problem would be here… but to my surprise, no problem. Damage still resolves on every shot.

Level 8 – Shock Tower perk, no problem.

Level 10 – 2* evolution. No problem.

Level 12 – "In and Outlander" killing 3 enemies refunds a Phase Shift charge. Okay, now I'm starting to get the lag/delay per shot problem, but it happens intermittently, not always.

Level 15 – "Hit 'em While they're down" +dmg to staggered/stun opponents. NOW I'm getting the problem all the time again, just like my level 30 Legendary Buzz.


Very Frustrating

So what is happening here exactly? It almost seems like the level 12 perk is creating some extra calculation after every shot to see if an enemy died and to add a counter to the Phase Shift refund perk. This extra calculation combined with the faster fire rate perk at level 5 may be creating too much data for the server to resolve instantly and it lags up, but only sometimes? When you get to to level 15, another calculation is being made per shot to see if the enemy is stunned/staggered… so maybe this extra layer of data is making it even tougher for the server to resolve creating this 2 second lag when emptying a clip on the Room Sweeper.

However, this problem doesn't exist with fast rifles or pistols… but maybe the problem lies in that shotguns are shooting multiple pellets at once and with the fast fire rate it's more data to process.

I'm no network/dev expert on this matter, I just play this game, but all I know is what I'm seeing. Once you get the level 12 and 15 perks on Shock Gunner, the whole thing becomes a mess and fast fire shotguns (Room Sweeper, Tigerjaw, Ground Pounder, Stampede) are not viable at all with this character.

Epic, please look in to this.

TL;DR – Once you hit level 15 on Shock Gunner, using any shotgun faster than a Stampede is going to be very buggy.

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