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FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Updates on Known Issues

Hey everyone,


We wanted to let you know we’re aware of some issues that are making some things in-game tough to do. We’re currently working on getting these resolved as soon as possible. These fixes will likely land in the build after v6.31.


  • We’ve seen reports of players being marked underpowered for missions when returning from a zone with others. This prevents players from being able to select a mission.

  • We’re seeing that some players are experiencing an issue where their power level drops significantly when returning to the lobby after a match. If you’re in a party and wait for everyone to get back to the front end, this should heal itself.

  • There have been instances when players and their heroes are invisible in the lobby.

  • Some players have reported that they’re not able to select any missions with a controller.

  • We’re seeing reports of some zones that don’t have enough BluGlo and we’re investigating.


Follow along on our Trello page to see the top issues that we’re aware of and actively working on.


Thank you so much for your patience while we work through these issues. Please keep reporting things you find!

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