Using Warframe Style “Mastery Tests” to unlock difficlty Zones.

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One of the biggest problems new players fail to reaize is stat boosting, which gives them a false sense of being able to do missions above their powerlevel. Implementing Warframe style "mastery tests" will go a long way in creating gates which will actually determine if a user is capable of proceeding further.

Each test could be Administered by Ramirez Ray seeing if the player is capable of killing hordes of enemies in a single lane challenge. If they cannot, they do not unlock the next difficulty tier. Simple as that – this will test the players own traps and weapons against high level hordes. What does this specifically mean? Only schematics of traps and weapons they have can be used. ( The main reason behind this is to make sure they are not relying on other peoples weapons and traps but their own equipment – which also reinforces the idea trades are less useful than your own items. )

Since it is single player only they won't get stat boosted, this is the perfect way to teach new players, how underleveled they are.


The test will be administered similar to a single lane horde bash. The further they progress in storyline harder the challanges become.

Advantages ot the system:

  1. High level players have less reason to complain about "low level" players in their missions. If they unlocked the mission difficulty it is because those players proved they are capable of being there with their own traps and their own weapons.
  2. No more "artificial gating" based on artificial power level limiters. Now gating is based purely on knowledge of the game and skill level of the player
  3. No more being boosted by friends
  4. Promotes dedicated player progression – instead of vBuck farmers.

Disadvantages of the system:

  1. One time missions for only purpose of gating does require a lot of Development work to implement.
  2. Leechers feelings get hurt ( sarcasm )

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