“Utility items” should be overhauled into a new schematic category: Consumables

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As I'm sure most people agree, the "utility" items like Impulse grenades, Roman Candles, Stink bombs and Remote explosives suck. They need to be overhauled badly to be useful in any meaningful fashion.

They're hard to find because there are so many different types, the odds of you finding Impulse grenades are slim to none. They drop in incredibly low amounts so even if you do find them odds are they won't make any impact in your mission. They need to be equipped like a weapon taking up one of your three weapon slots, I mean who is going to stop and equip a utility item that you have only two uses for and then be forced to re-equip their gun afterwards? Plus they don't persist between missions, so even if you wanted to farm them so they could be used in some form, you can't they vanish. Even though M80s and Roman Candles used to persist after matches… A change that cost many of us stacks of them.

To change this and make them useful, I'd like to see a new schematic category for consumable items. These could cover a wide variety of things anywhere from throwables to healing items.


Imagine being able to craft 10 impulse grenades at any time and actually save your objective by pushing back a wave of Husks while your teammates are down. Or throwing a few Stink bombs down the kill tunnel to strangle some huskes who have to much health and are making through. On the other side they could add health packs and shield potions like in Battle Royale, that allow you to supplement your regen and health stations on the fly. They could even take it a step further and give them perks, healing amount and heal duration for potions. Radius for throwables, the possibilities are there.

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Things that already exist should be added such as: Roman Candles, M80S, Clingers, Stink Bombs, Port-a-Forts, Remote Explosives, Impulse grenades.

New things they could add: Health packs, Bandages, Shield Potions, Molotovs, AOE healing grenades, Cryo grenades, Snare grenades, etc.

I just feel in their current state utility items are worthless, hand-me-downs from Battle Royale that in no way help Save the World as trash loot found randomly in crates, boxes and garbage cans.

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