Ventures Does Not Offer “Long Term Replayability” But It Can

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Ventures Does Not Offer "Long Term Replayability" But It Can

This is pulled from the State of Development post on June 30th. Ventures is supposed to offer long term replayability. I would like to hear from Epic how Ventures as it has been presented is expected to do this? Here's the issues that I see with Ventures that will result in more and more players either not playing Ventures or quitting the game all together:

  • The biomes are recycled first it was Canny/Hit the Road biome then Hexsylvania. Surely Crackshot's Neighborhood will be next.
  • There are no new missions, it's just the base game missions with recycled seasonal missions added in to the mix (and to make matters worse Survive the Night this season had no alerts so there was no incentive to play it).
  • There are no new schematics to be earned.
  • The are no new husks other than slight appearance changes like the pitchers wearing different outfits.
  • The new rewards are confusing and pointless and in too small of quantity. They are confusing because they don't affect Ventures since our PL is reset every season. They are pointless because the game was already too easy at PL131 with PL130 schematics. If they are the only thing to play for why are they being doled out in such stingy quantities?
  • A single modifier for 2-3 months is not enough variety to make the same missions we have been playing for 3 years worth playing for the next year or longer.
  • Progression through Ventures was not smooth. The first season was rough and the second was worse. It took forever to unlock higher PL missions that we could easily complete despite being under-leveled.
  • The increase of XP to reach level 50 from 2M to 3M. Why? Why increase the time it takes to finish by 50% while not increasing the rewards by at least the same amount?

How to make Ventures more replayable:

  • A Play with Others Option
  • Actual new biomes not recycled biomes or slightly modified biomes.
  • At least one new mission type per Ventures season (and I mean new not Survive the Night or Trap the Storm or Protect the Presents).
  • One new trap per season.
  • One new husk per season (new not a husk in an elf outfit).
  • One main modifier and random secondary modifiers for each mission such as some from War Games (meteor shower, UFO, etc.).
  • A new "endless" mode that Superchargers would actually be useful in to see how many waves/how long we can survive. Oh and all waves would be kill based so no cheesing with stall builds.
  • Better progression so players can finish Ventures without having to ignore the base game or forego playing other games.
    – 3 Daily Ventures quests that award Ventures XP.
    – 3 Weekly Ventures quests that award Ventures XP.
    – Double the current Ventures quests so we don't finish all the quests at a specific PL then have to play for hours to start the next set.
    – Bonus Ventures XP for using seasonal heroes as Commander (for example using BeetleJess this season).
    – Alerts on all missions (why no alerts on Survive the Night this season?).
    – Unlock next PL missions faster.
    – Guaranteed quest missions in specific PLs (i.e. Complete Rescue the Survivors in PL70+, there is always a PL70 Rescue the Survivors mission).
  • Add an optional SSD for each Ventures biome with 10 defenses that award Ventures XP. They would be unlocked every 5 levels.
  • SSD could also store Ventures inventory so when we have max wood/stone/metal we can place it there and not be forced to farm after every other mission.
  • Seasonal banner for completing level 50 of Ventures.
  • Seasonal banner for completing all 10 Ventures SSD defenses.
  • Ventures themed hero skins and weapon wraps that replace some of the existing rewards (gold or llamas come to mind).

That's a few things I came up with that would encourage me to continue playing Ventures. I love the game and really want to keep playing it but at this point it's getting harder and harder. Most of my friends stopped playing or rarely play because there is nothing "new" to work towards. Simply playing for the sake of leveling things isn't enough. Superchargers as they are now serve no purpose. I think adding the endless mode could be the easiest way to make them relevant and adding more diversity to each Ventures season would keep players around longer.

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