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Ventures Guide – STW How to get to level 50 and beyond ….

This is a basic guide for people who play Ventures casually or who haven’t tried Ventures but want to. It’s also intended to possibly help people find out how it can be fun if they struggle to get through the “grind” that Ventures can be and is.

This is not a definitive guide or by any means is it supposed to be the fastest or most effective way to play Ventures. But hopefully even the most hardcore Ventures grinders may find something worthwhile. If anyone has any suggestions to add, please do so in the comments and I will try to update this as best I can.

  1. How does Ventures work?

Ventures is basically a separate biome with various missions which you progress through and level up. You can use your heroes and loadouts, but you start at level 1 and there are no survivors or research. Your power level increases as you gain XP. For that reason, you will want to focus on missions that offer the highest XP as well as completing the various quests you have.

In addition – there is an “eat what you kill” aspect to the game. You can’t craft weapons, so finding better weapons is key to progressing. You do this by looting as much as you can – and makes this version of STW much more like RPGs out there similar to Diablo, Fallout, etc. Unlike standard STW, you can repair weapons. If you get a good weapon, make sure to repair it before it breaks.

There is no trading in Ventures, and you can’t even give someone blue glo. So keep that in mind.

  1. What build/hero loadout do I use?

First and foremost, the hero loadout you want will depend heavily on the zone “effect” or “modifier” for each ventures season. The first season was Rage – which effectively made the use of energy extremely difficult. So builds that relied on energy were very difficult to use. It wasn’t impossible to make them work, but I found it easier to just concentrate on builds that didn’t require energy. We will have similar things to consider in future seasons.

Second, there is no “best build”. This is true for generic STW, and it remains true for Ventures. Each situation is different, and varies by mission. Builds that shine in the early season may struggle late and vice versa. Builds with Blackbeard’s stash give you very strong peg legs for melee builds – and blast from the past can make you very tanky. The modifier may impact this in the future – so keep that in mind.

Personally, I used various builds through my path to level 50. I started by focusing on speed and agility to Fleetfoot Ken and triple jump mantis leap to quickly move around the map and loot. Southie and Jess were out for me as anti material charge simply didn’t work with Rage. I subbed in my soldier build for more difficult missions like 4X atlas defenses.

I switched to Luna for quests that required melee kills, but again, do what is easiest for you – and don’t be afraid to switch things up if you come across a great weapon that you can build around.

To me, one of the best part of ventures was being able to test out new builds and use weapons that I never used before.

Finally, I came across a GG Xenon bow and settled in with a Farrah build that has taken me through reward levels 40 -83+.

  1. What is the best way to get weapons?

Loot! And keep looting. Open chests, find the super stash, do storm chests, etc. Check every vending machine for upgrades along the way. You might even find a great weapon by searching a crate or a simple suitcase. Also – do every target practice!

When checking vending machines, ALWAYS buy Barons until you have one with triple speed. It’s game changing and worth the effort. If you are looting and playing the game normally, you will have plenty of power cells and mats to keep rolling the dice. Speaking of power cells, pick up every one you can after killing husks and make sure to pop any gnomes you run across.

As far as what weapons to focus on – it really depends on your build. But I would look for thrashers, xenon bows and launchers. I’m sure there’s a shotgun build out there too – I just don’t have one!


My end game arsenal has four thrashers with each element and energy, four launchers with each element and energy, two xenon bows, a seeker bow for single target and mini boss situations, a Baron and a cannonade which is amazing for breaking down houses or clearing out areas. Your arsenal will be different!

  1. You can’t craft weapons, but you can craft traps from your STW schematics.

Make sure your traps are leveled up. Concentrate on ceiling electric fields, tires, floor freeze and wall launchers for defense. Gas traps and wooden floor spikes are also good. You are going to have plenty of mats so even retractable spikes will be a decent trap to use. Wall darts also work! As you get higher in difficulty, CCing mobs will become more important. So don’t forget about wall lights, tar pits and sound traps.

PS: Defenders are your friends. Find a neon sniper and give it to your 130 defender.

  1. Gadgets – hover turrets and supply crate.

Pretty much the only ones you will use 90% of the time. Nothing is more important that the supply crate. It is crucial – and I would run Gadgeteer in support for that sole reason. You can get weapons and crafting materials out of the supply crate, and they are essential to ventures progress.

Turrets are our best offensive weapon for gadgets. So use them. If you want to run a constructor, then slow field and banner are also good – just know that you are really sacrificing for the team since constructors make it much more difficult to explore the map efficiently and find those GG upgrades. But if you love building and defending with your OP constructor loadout, then please do so! The rest of your squad will really appreciate it.

  1. Don’t focus on doing the hardest missions at all costs.

Yes, I know. They give the most XP, have the best weapons to be found and they help you progress your quests, but you will get there eventually so just take your time and enjoy the ride. Pushing to do that 4X Atlas and failing three times in a row wastes all your mats and you’ve lost an hour where you could have run a few encampments, radar, survivors, eliminate or resupply missions and gotten a lot more XP during that time.

  1. I’ve done all the lower missions I can, but I can’t handle the higher missions by myself. I don’t have a group and the pub games aren’t filling up, now what?

You can always try Discord to find other players, but that’s hit and miss. For me, once I had access to 140 missions, I would load up a private game and just farm it for mats and GG weapons. In fact, I still do that even today. You can do this at any level if you are so inclined – just pick the highest zone you can get in and loot!

  1. Ventures is boring! I want my Nocturno and my Deatomizer!!

I get it. We’ve all spent a lot of time getting those GG schematics and using hero abilities that crave energy. And those simply aren’t available this season. If that is what you require to enjoy the game, then yeah – Ventures probably isn’t for you. But you can still get to level 50! Yes it will take some time, but the superchargers, hero voucher, weapon voucher and other rewards are worth the effort imo!!

  1. Wouldn’t it be better to have a dedicated 4 man team to run Ventures with?

Uhm, yes. And if you have that, then you can push higher and faster than just going solo in pub games. But that’s pretty rare. Still, if you can put a team together and grind, do it! You can also utilize various strengths and weaknesses with your team to make defenses easier.

  1. Final suggestion. Make sure to look for missions where you can save on mats and have time to loot. Survivor missions and Build the Radar are great for that. Resupply missions, eliminate and collect and encampments are really good as well. Just know that eliminate and encampment missions will require you to be a lot stronger than the other missions to make sure you complete the missions.

I hope this helps and maybe even gives people some stuff to consider that they hadn’t already thought of. And again, please let me know of anything I forgot about or didn’t mention. This isn’t intended to cover everything, but I want to hit as many of the crucial points as possible!

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