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The progression through Ventures was off in the first season and it seems to be even more unbalanced this season. The rewards also do not match up with the amount of time it takes to achieve each level and complete the entire Ventures. Following are the biggest issues I've identified with proposed solutions as well as suggestions for more appropriate rewards.

Issue: It takes far too long to increase your PL and unlock higher PL missions at the start. This is likely due to the change in PL calculation.
Solution: Each Venture level should increase your PL so that it does not take until Ventures level 10 to unlock PL23 missions.

Issue: The challenges often include complete X mission at Y PL but the mission is not always available and sometimes does not appear for days.

Solution: Provide one of each type of mission at each PL in Ventures. This will solve the issue as well as provide diversity in choice of which mission players want to play.

Issue: The progression through the challenges is not smooth. Oftentimes you cannot access the appropriate PL missions or you unlock the next set and cannot access the needed PL missions.

Solution: This may be solved by the first solution above wherein our PL increases more smoothly rather than abruptly. Another solution is to add more challenges at each PL or to add generic challenges after each PL challenge and before the next set is unlocked such as eliminate 100 husks with traps or harvest 1,000 wood or collect 20 blu-glo in any PL mission.

Issue: More often than not the weapons found from chests or obtained from vending machines have the wrong element.

Solution: If the element of the season is Fire all weapons from chests or vending machines should be Water, Energy or Physical. It's extremely frustrating getting 10 straight Nature weapons when the husks are always fire. An alternate solution would be to allow the element to be changed using the repair bench.

Issue: We cannot craft weapons.

Solution: In addition to the vending machines we should be able to craft our own weapons. I understand the vending machines were designed for new/casual players that do not have access to many weapon schematics but for long time players not having access to the hundreds of weapons we have obtained is very frustrating. It also makes obtaining weapon Super Chargers and Core Re-perk near pointless because we cannot use the weapons they were used on in Ventures.

Issue: The rewards are probably not worth it for most players.


Solution: **Only one Super Charger should be required to evolve anything from five star, level 50 to six star, level 60**. Currently it takes 5 to get to max level meaning it will take years to max everything. Additionally there should be Defender Super Chargers so we can promote our Defenders to six star level 60 as well. Also it would be great to replace some of the generic rewards with cosmetics, more vouchers, etc.

Level 5 – Replace Troll Stash Llama with a Weapon Wrap
Level 10 – Replace Troll Stash Llama with a Hero Skin
Level 12 – Replace Gold with Legendary Flux
Level 16 – Replace Gold with choice of Hero or Weapon Voucher
Level 21 – Replace Gold with choice of Hero or Weapon Voucher
Level 30 – Replace Gold with Weapon Wrap
Level 32 – Replace Eye of the Storm with Hero Super Charger
Level 33 – Replace Legendary Perk-up with Weapon Super Charger
Level 35 – Replace Gold with Hero Skin
Level 36 – Replace Pure Drops of Rain with Hero Super Charger
Level 38 – Replace Re-perk with Defender Super Charger
Level 39 – Replace Lightning in a Bottle with Weapon Super Charger
Level 41 – Replace Eye of the Storm with Hero Super Charger
Level 43 – Replace Storm Shard with Legendary Flux
Level 45 – Replace Re-perk with Defender Super Charger
Level 47 – Replace Legendary Perk-up with Weapon Super Charger

Reward scaling for gold, evolution resources, flux, re-perk and perk-up should be based on your Commander level.

Level 1-99: 1x
Level 100-199: 1.5x
Level 200-299: 2x
Level 300+: 3x

The reason for this is 150 gold for a new player is useful but 150 gold for someone with tens of thousands is not. The same goes for the other resources. Getting 320 Pure Drops of Rain for the entire Ventures is great for a Stonewood player but not for a Twine player who can get more than that in a single mission.

I wanted to say this again because the current system is simply not fair:

**Only one Super Charger should be required to evolve anything from five star, level 50 to six star, level 60**

The Super Chargers in my opinion should be required to promote and only one should be required for each thing being promoted not 5. The current system would require 4+ years to max each survivor and far longer to max every schematic and hero. While it is currently not necessary to even need anything above level 50 (PL130) the fact that this option was added to the game means it should be reasonable to max everything out in a fair amount of time, which is not 4+ years or a decade to do so for all heroes and schematics.

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