Ventures, what for?

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This will be a fairly long post reviewing my experience with ventures on both seasons. I did lvl 50 in season 1 and am currently lvl 30 on this one.


Players were already complaining about ventures being very slow. We were told you listened to feedback and that tuning will take time but as soon as the second season starts, you already screw the player base and INCREASE the experience needed by 50%. Ventures is EXACTLY how the game was a year or two for progression: you wanted to go through Canny? 200 missions, wanted to go through Twine? again, 200 missions. Ventures just adds a cute little experience bar and some resources that DO NOT scale well in respect to the time invested in the mode.


Cool. What is it for? The bullet sponges that you want to introduce by putting a upper-dupper 160 missions? We have hundreds of survivors, heroes, weapons and trap and we do not have enough to finish a survivor section or a hero loadout or a few weapons? AFTER ALMOST FOUR MONTHS. Anyway, we cannot use OUR OWN weapons and use our survivor bonus in recent mode. When a system is introduced that the player needs to invest time in it, you cannot just throw it aside for months. I do not want to wait until frostnite (same thing four years in a row? yay) to be able to use the equipment I SPEND YEARS TO COLLECT AND UPGRADE.

Low level ventures:

Literally hell on earth. I have been an endgame player for more than a year now. I am used to be under-powered in missions (20 power level difference in canny and twine and I managed to trap the hell out of this). But the reason I rushed in missions was to avoid a player base that is ignorant, unwilling and trolling decent players. And now, thanks to ventures, I am almost done with public lobbies as I have to experience this amazing feeling every two months. Players should have some of the exp rewards converted in ventures XP depending on their PL. It is even more important now that the XP for level 50 have been increased by 50% for no decent reason.


  • Ok, the failed to lock profile is the annoying thing that happens because of a separate inventory. After two years of having this you could have AT LEAST optimised it. We have to search for objective, we have to build, we have to defend for a FIXED timer, we have to wait for 20 seconds after end of mission (+ other useless display, like increase of commander experience, chests….) then the loading screen and THEN two minutes because of the failed to lock profile. Come on, think of your players for once and make a proper fix, not a thing that an intern would come up with.
  • Missions cannot be started. This one is fricking annoying. I am part of a group of players that likes to spam 4 atlas four players for the exp. 1 in 3 missions, it cannot be started. There are no husks, encampment are empty and atlas cannot be interacted with. Most of the time I think I see an encampment glitched into some environment which maybe makes something go wrong when initialising the mission. It happened with some other mission types. This would have required an hotfix (who am I kidding right?)
  • Cannot pick rewards from some storm chest or other secondary objectives. Rare but justifiably annoying.
  • Power level display is bugged when we are looking at the map as a group. Horrible, we cannot even agree on which mission to do on vocal because people see different power level on the mission.
  • + all the normal bugs that are still not fixed after years.

Overall, ventures is just an asset flip with a fancy experience bar and rewards that are, as usual, VERY poorly scaled compared to the amount of time spend and what they do. Of course, with a fresh new batch of bugs which have not been fixed (and that will become features for the next ventures I guess). Now, our equipment that we spend LOTS of time tuning and upgrading is once again not available for this event that takes literally all of my play time in fortnite. This is something I never saw in a game before: if you make us grind so much for every single thing in the game, let us use it. I mean, it is basic game design: you create a grindy system (GS), this GS gives players permanent boost, players use the boost for all of the game.

I am not looking forward to the next grind.

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