Vintage-Tech Penny, and why NOT to level her up!

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Vintage tech penny is the new cowboy-themed constructor, AND on paper, her perks seem like a fairly cool buff to the Plasma Pulls skill.

It promises a variety of buffs, including reduced cooldown, extra damage, bonus attack wave upon deployment, and 8 large bombs spawning. Sadly, it is this last and final perk is why this hero is absolutely useless.

  • Plasma Pulse now spawns 8 plasma balls that deal 550% more damage. The plasma balls will be spawned all at once and explode after 10 seconds if not triggered.

The perk, as it describes, talks about 8 of the little orbs being spit out, acting like mines (kinda similar to the mine gadget). While this is technically true, it comes with major downsides.


The 'normal' skill; the spinning little tower of doom spitting out a dozen small explosives for 5 seconds or so, is NO LONGER PART OF THE SKILL! Instead, it is REPLACED by the 8 mine-like devices. (This is what the skill looks like after deployment:

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