Wall Darts are inconsistent and broken

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I love me some convoluted trap tunnels, and Wall Darts have been a huge part of them. However, they don't work too consistently now-a-days. Most of the time, they shoot just fine if it is by itself on a lone wall, but there are other things with Wall Darts that should work.

Low Walls: I have found that this doesn't always shoot over them right now. Sometimes adding a floor piece below helps, sometimes it hurts, it is hard to say. One time I got it to work by putting a pyramid down.

Window Walls: I love Wall Lights, mine are maxed out and I think they are crazy underrated (fite me), especially because Wall Darts are supposed to be able to shoot through the windows. Right now, this is yet another thing that is broken. What I have found can really help them is if there are no walls on either side of the wall that has the Wall Darts, but this can really mess with pathing, and it is just inconsistent.


Sometimes I have found that they don't trigger well if a husk is in the 2 tile range away from the Wall Darts, but it will work if it is 1 tile or 3 tiles away.

Moral of the story, they are inconsistent. Can we please look into the Wall Darts, /u/Magyst, as traps are my favorite part of the game.

Edit: plug and link for my favorite setup. Turbo value, even though the Wall Darts don't work that well at the moment.

In action:


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