War Games Illustrates a Major Flaw in Save the World

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - War Games Illustrates a Major Flaw in Save the World

For me the problem discussed in the post first became apparent during Frostnite. There were many people that struggled with getting to 45 minutes to earn all the rewards and many more that had trouble with the weekly challenges. At the time I thought it was the combination of being restricted on resources and actually having to work together as a team. Unfortunately I do not believe that to be the case as those same players are now struggling with War Games.

After playing War Games the day it was released my first thought was it had potential but it was too easy. Needless to say I was surprised to find so many posts on this sub claiming War Games were too hard. I think this illustrates just how flawed the tutorial system is in Save the World.

If you build proper trap tunnels in War Games you can pretty much AFK during each of the 7 minute waves. That's where the flaw lies. The game does not teach players how to build proper trap tunnels. Instead the tutorials in the early game teach players how to build the wrong way. Sure you can get by in Stonewood and maybe Plankerton with half walls and floor spikes but once you get into the mid to late game those builds become useless.

I was also a victim of this flawed system. I did not learn how to build properly until I started watching Twitch streams and YouTube videos. Now I play with people I met through my stream and continue to learn from them. I do not play in public lobbies and for the most part neither do the group of people I play with.


The average player is not going to tune in to Twitch streams or watch hours of YouTube videos to learn how to play and they are not going to see it firsthand because many experienced players isolate themselves from public lobbies. In my opinion this issue will only continue to get worse as more and more unprepared players reach the current end game.

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From my perspective there are two ways to address this issue. First is to revamp the tutorials or add additional tutorials that illustrate better ways to use each trap. Explain funneling, how the traps work together, etc. The second is to make public lobbies worth venturing into again so experienced players can teach others how to build more effectively. We all know the problems that plague public lobbies and the countless suggestions that have been made to remedy the situation so I will not rehash them.

There are two paths this can go down. One being that all players learn how to play the game and we can continue to receive more challenging content in the future. The other being the complaints will become so overwhelming the game will continue to be made easier and easier as it has been in the year I have been playing.

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