Wargames: Guide to Solo Grind including an “AFK” build/setup without traps! (incl.: Video showing full defense)

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Wargames: Guide to Solo Grind including an "AFK" build/setup without traps! (incl.: Video showing full defense)

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Hey everyone, this is DBRichard back with another STW write-up, the last one was a testing area concept but this time it is about wargames, this post will include quite a bunch of information, some tips and testing.*

: This is all from my experience and will not include every single thing about wargames, opinions apply.)

Here is a small summary:

  • General
  • What to avoid and what to grind (simulations and modifiers)
  • "AFK" build/setup without traps (constructors apply)
  • A video showing the defense I described.


In this write-up, I will be focussing on how to solo wargames with a constructor setup, what defenses you need (you can do this without traps, and also what you can add when the trap bug is fixed), what simulations and challenges to avoid and what is the best for grinding them for tickets.

This includes a defense build that requires you to only put your constructor BASE down before each wave and build up a little.

What to avoid and what to grind

There are many options when it comes down to wargames, at the time of writing there are 5 simulations to choose from with an additional 9 challenges (10 if you count no challenge) which you can add to either spice things up or funny enough make things easier.

Rankings below are my opinion and are meant to be taken as if used on a good build defense with traps or otherwise defenses.


Denied which spawns rifts that do player damage, these rifts don't move but they do hurt a good bit if you stand too close.

Torn Apart has a tornado that damages defenses (incl traps and BASE) and flings you and the enemy husks around as if you are Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

Safety Zone spawns in smaller storm shields that are your only defense against the damaging storm that has overtaken the storm shield, these get attacked by enemies and need to be defended to keep you from taking storm damage.

Hot Spots randomly places nasty magma vents that spew lava and destroy any defenses directly on them or near them (ceilings above them are fine), when husks walk over them they are made fire elemental.

Mist Pods are the most recent addition, these randomly spawn around the target to defend and can be destroyed with weapons or abilities, if not destroyed fast enough the Mist Pods spawn Mist Monsters, ow no!

Ranking Simulations

Easy: Denied (They don't move and are easily avoidable)

Slight annoyance: Torn Apart and Mist Pods (Torn Apart moves you around and destroys BASE, Mist Pods needs you to pay attention to get to the pod and destroy it fast enough)

Avoid these: Safety Zone and Hot Spots (Safety Zone splits up your focus to all the smaller generators and visibility can be an issue, Hot Spots can destroy vital defenses and is too random to plan for)


Rolling Fog – Surprise – No Build Zone – Heavy Explosives – Trapped Out – Full Time – Head Games – Close Quarters – Husk Swarm

Ranking challenges

Easier than the default/MVP: Husk Swarm (these are basic husks that deal little damage to structures, with the correct BASE they won't even breach a single wall, more on that further on in the post)

Easy: Rolling Fog, No Build Zone, Full Time (Rolling Fog can be removed by using lower settings for shadows and then it only doesn't show husks on the minimap – No Build Zone is the same almost the same as default as long as you prepared defenses – Full Time )

Medium: Head Games, Close Quarters (Head Games leaves a husk with 1 HP, if you have an area they line up such as a long wall you can use a fast firing weapon to do that last damage point quite easily – Close Quarters will make a part of your trap setup useless but as long as the core defense is strong it shouldn't cause any panic problems)

Can be quite tough: Surprise, Heavy Explosives, Trapped Out (Surprise is randomized with a switch between the waves which means that if you are unlucky you'll have a painful experience – Heavy Explosives is Deathburst for fatties which can do quite a good amount of damage to your traps and defensive structures – Trapped Out removes/disables traps just like the current bug can do and wargames without traps means a lot of gunfire/sword slashing)

Easiest combinations:

Denied + Husk Swarms 10 points (see AFK build)

Torn Apart + Husk Swarms 9 points (Keep your eye on the BASE, replace it if it ever gets destroyed and that's pretty much it)

Mist Pods + Husk Swarms 9 points (Keep an eye on the pop-up boxes, when one spawns, destroy it fast with an obliterator, lefty and righty, Bull Rush, AMC or according to some a few pickaxe hits.

(I see a pattern emerging)

Challenge MVP: Husks Swarms is a constructor's best friend, these buggers might have high power levels but they are so weak against structures that you do not have to worry about them getting through with the right BASE setup, and on that topic, we continue with the AFK build featuring our Challenge MVP.

"AFK" build/setup without traps

This is what started this write up, I posted a picture of my self defending build which I didn't have to fire a bullet for or use an ability to complete a wargame.

This strat is great for grinding tickets, gold, random perk-up, and random evolution materials since it takes little effort.

The three main things to keep in mind are that you need:

  1. Use a good BASE focussed constructor setup, the most optimal for this grind/AFK build is below including testing to show it's the optimal build.
  2. You'll want to build a densely layered tier three metal build around the Storm Shield Generator and all Amps that can be attacked (Amps that have spawns locked due to other amps can be left clear).
  3. Husk Swarms, it's the one thing that makes this strat so viable.

Constructor setup

Before yesterday I thought BASE Kyle was the best main commander since his buff to wall health would outlive the small husk attacks with ease but after being pointed towards Power BASE Knox I did some testing.


The constructors you'll want for this strat are:

Power BASE Knox


Electro Pulse Penny

MEGA Base Kyle

and additionally, you can add Thunder Thora, Warden Kyle or even Ice King.

I would advise using Thunder Thora and the last slot really doesn't have any great options but I use Warden Kyle to get some heals if needed (from Rift damage or Tornado damage atc.) and several people said they used Ice King to get that slight snare although in my eyes it's quite useless the way we are using it.

To check what the best choice for the commander to use is I did some testing, I went into three wargames in Twine with several most useful commanders (BASE Kyle, Power BASE Knox, Electro Pulse Penny for the Penny love, and I added Ice King as a bonus), all other characters in my list were in support incl Thunder Thora and Warden Kyle to fill in the two support slots.

I kept an eye on my defense and noted when they would break through the first wall, then took the average for each, all wall breaks were within 20 seconds per character.

BASE Kyle: First wall broke at an average of 4 minutes and 57 seconds

Power BASE Knox: No wall break for the full 7-minute wave and the lowest structure was at ~6300 down from ~12700.

Electro Pulse Penny: First wall broke at an average of 3 minutes and 42 seconds.

Ice King: First wall broke at an average of 4 minutes and 57 seconds, the same as my BASE Kyle tests, the freezing effect caused enough downtime for the walls to stay up as long as they did.

PS: Ice King replaced Warden Kyle in my setup so it had a slight edge over the other testing.

Final Constructor setup

From this we see Power BASE Knox is the clear winner, from that moment my setup was as follows:

5obdb17pwdz21 - Wargames: Guide to Solo Grind including an "AFK" build/setup without traps! (incl.: Video showing full defense)

Commander: Power BASE Knox to almost out heal the damage that the basic husks do.

Team Perk: Recycling*

*"Supercharged Traps" has no use if there are no traps, after the bug fix I am adding wall spikes, ceiling zappers, gas traps, and retractable floor spikes to my defense and use the supercharged team perk.

Support characters:

BASE Kyle (More health added to structures)

Electro Pulse Penny (More reflected damage)

MEGA Base Kyle (the additional tile is needed for the total coverage of my defense build)

Thunder Thora (Added damage by adding floors around and inside the defense)

Warden Kyle (Healing if needed)

Defense Build, 3×3!

The defense that I have been using for a while now is a triple layered tier three metal design with tier 3 stone/metal floors and not a single trap (will be added after bug fixes).

The Wall – Slant – Wall setup works around both the main Storm Shield Generator and amplifiers, add structures on top such as ceilings and slants towards the BASE, if you do so all walls will be covered by the BASE with the beforementioned constructor setup.

Start with a wall around the objective as close as possible, then add slanted pieces around it on all sides, make sure they are edited so the husks have to break it to get behind it, then add another wall around that and upgrade it all to tier 3 (all metal is best), you can also add a floor everywhere in BASE range if you use anything that snares or deals damage such as Ice King or Thunder Thora.

Keep in mind that your BASE goes on top of the amp and Storm Shield Generator, this way all sides will be covered with this build and BASE setup.

xz3530vywdz21 - Wargames: Guide to Solo Grind including an "AFK" build/setup without traps! (incl.: Video showing full defense)
This is what the main Storm Shield Generator will look like, the stairs and pyramid on top are there for another layer of defense and will help BASE to cover more horizontal.

riqd2iq9xdz21 - Wargames: Guide to Solo Grind including an "AFK" build/setup without traps! (incl.: Video showing full defense)
And this is an Amplifier build with added floors to do Electrified floor damage, these are not (yet) added in the Generator version above.


Below is a video showing a full wargame defense, during the defense I show many of the subjects I covered in this write up, the video is purely to show it's quite easy to do it without anything else but the BASE and some structures and for those who want to see everything.

This video is sped up to make it less of a long view, I originally planned to talk over the video and explain but that changed into this larger more detailed written post. Also I do not recommend viewing this on a mobile network, it's quite large.

Music Credit (first song):

TheFatRat – The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm)

PS: LokeHansen also did a video on this type of defense for wargames, however, he used MEGA Base as commander and from my testing I could not see how that would be more efficient than the other main commanders I tested here. MEGA Base would cover more ground but last shorter, not a great option if you want to change this build once traps are fixed, you would want a smaller main build with more room for trap tunnels.


Currently, wargames suffer from a few bugs.

– Trap durability is not reset (pretty much everyone is aware of that one, should be fixed in V9.1 they expect)

– Corners close to the Amp are considered amp and husks can do damage there without breaking through the final layer, the Husk AI does not do this on purpose so it won't cause a lot of damage but it's there, as long as the second wall is standing there are no worries.

– Torn Apart can do damage to traps instead of only the structures (I assume that's a bug since nothing else damages the traps themselves)

– Traps and structures are still outside of bounds in SSD's (they are working on that I heard)

There are probably a few more, let's just hope for a fix in V9.1

Good luck and go get them….by standing still and letting them bash walls!

If you disagree, see a mistake, or you simply don't like me, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do!


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