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So every time we get a new battle pass, several new additions and changes get added. No Battle Pass is the same. Here is a breakdown of all the battle passes we have had, and how I think they could be improved, for a Free to Players and Payers.

Season 1:

Unlock Rewards based off of your Season level, Tiers didn’t exist yet

Rewards unlock every 5 Tiers, 2 Free rewards, and 4 paid rewards

Season 2:

Actual Battle Pass system implemented, with 70 tiers

All paid rewards are just locked behind 950 V-bucks

Bonus Daily Challenge every day

Backblings Introduced

Season 3:

First Battle Pass with 100 Tiers

Still 950 V-bucks

Tier 100 Challenges Introduced

Weekly Challenges come out every week rather than a bonus Daily Challenges

Contrails Introduced

Season 4:

Unlockable Styles introduced, only unlocked with XP you got during that season, and colors were the final unlock

Now 7 skins in the Battle Pass

Weekly Challenges now got you a Loading Screen for completing them

Hidden in the Loading Screen were now clues on where to find a Battle Pass Star, which gave you a free tier

Completing 7 full weeks of challenges unlocked an extra skin and backbling

First live event was in this season (Rocket Launch)

Season 5:

Unlockable Style system changed, now Styles could be unlocked outside the season

Tier 100 now had an Unlockable Backbling and Pickaxe

You weren’t able to unlock colors in this season

There were now 10 Weekly Loading screens, but #8 and #9 had banners, and #10 didn’t have anything and was unlocked through completing every challenge and collecting every star and banner

Toys Introduced

This season had a kind of continuous live event, once Kevin the Cube came onto the map, every 2 hours he would move

Season 6:

Unlockable Styles changed yet again, colors were reintroduced but now you had to complete Weekly Challenges for them

Tier 100 no longer had an Unlockable pickaxe, only a backbling

Stars and banners now alternated Loading Screens, and the #10 Loading Screen was just like the rest

Lobby Music and Pets were introduced

Read:  Small tweaks that are needed.

Second real live event was in this season (Butterfly effect)

Season 7:

Unlockable Styles changed yet again, with just more customization options and more Unlockable pickaxes, backblings, emotes, and banners!

The two Tier 1 skins both got Unlockable Styles

In this Battle Pass there were now a total of 4 Customizable Skins

7 Week Challenges for the Secret Skin were changed, and now you could complete any 60 challenges from any 10 weeks

Loading Screens were now kept separate from the 7 Weeks skin, and completing all weeks got you a banner

Wraps Introduced

How I Would Want The Battle Pass To Change:


Less Sprays and Emoticons (and I guess XP)

Every skin should have 1 or 2 Unlockable Styles at least, it would encourage playing more

Unlockable Styles:

You should be able to start working towards challenges for skins you haven’t gotten yet

Colors should always be locked behind Weekly Challenges

There should be one color and/or style locked behind a challenge that had to be completed in that season, just to reward grinders

Weekly Challenges:

Can we have more Battle Star locations? They are a free easy tier and are fun to figure out (even though you could just look it up)

Less visit ___ and ___ in a single match

I know people hate the banners so here is a simple improvement: Make it so the banners also grant you a free tier, but you still get the banner

You should be able to get a Loading Screen for completing 7 challenges from any weeks, so if you don’t want to grind out certain challenges you won’t have to (I have seen people who have completed every challenge except for one in all the weeks, they should deserve Loading Screens)

7 Week Skin:

It would be nice to be able to get the skins full set, not just 2 or 3 parts

You should unlock different parts on different week, for example:

3 Weeks: A Contrail

4 Weeks: A Glider

5 Weeks: A Pickaxe

6 Weeks: A Backbling

7 Weeks: A Skin

8 Weeks: A Banner

(Keep In Mind These Are All In One Set)

Free Pass:

Read:  To this subreddit moderators. Stop removing posts for no reason. First read the content and then decide, not just ""compare"" and remove.

More rewards for Free Pass people who get to a high tier (I mean come o the final reward is a Spray)

I did the calculation and someone who is completely Free-To-Play can get up to Tier 94 (not including the 35 tier glitch). So maybe Epic should reward people who get to Tier 90 (maybe with a skin, although I doubt it) because they have grinder and played their game so much.

Free Passers should also be able to get Loading Screens, with the same rule I said before (complete 7 Weekly Challenges from any week). Obviously they are limited to how many they can get (3×10=30/7=4r2).

I would like to know what other people think of this. I might update it and or course fix the countless typos that are probably in it. If I am wrong about anything just please tell me politely. This took a few hours to research and write. I hope Epic sees this and implements some of it!

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