We aint angry that lobbers/propanes exist…

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Jk we totally are. But what could help is having a pre-wave preview of what types of mobs we should expect (similar to classic Tower Defense style games) so we can build our base defenses around specific enemy types.

The current system of "prepare for everything" has yielded a based "one-size-fits-all" strategy that is nice, but boring after a while. If we could build with the knowledge that we didn't have to worry about propanes, we could build extensive tunnel networks and go lax on the central defenses so we can (finally) feel the joy that is bullet-hosing a "Going Commando" down a hall of husks ready to kill.

This would give Epic the added benefit of being able to introduce more niche style husks without having to worry about how they fit with the rest of the husks (they could just make it so it only spawns when certain situations are met, or not met).


They could then make the current system of "anything goes" a special mission type to expand the mission roster and increase variability.

I imagine something like this could fit alongside the "rotating storm" or "elemental storm" systems they already have in place, and would maybe encourage having a more permanent UI element for those same systems (so we don't accidentally miss the storm type when alttabbing quick or something).


TL;DR – Having pre-wave preview of husks to let us know what type of stuff we need to build against, similar to classic tower defense games. Other smaller ideas too but you didn't read them if you're reading this.

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