We are grinding ourselves to death. I might have the solution.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - We are grinding ourselves to death. I might have the solution.

TL;DR Perk-ups, evolutionary mats and everything you need should be rewarded for playing the game through repeatable quests/dailies. Not just for completing very specific missions in a rotation. These rewards would augment the current structure and reward players for being active and contributing. Daily vbucks should be doubled and vbucks should be removed from the mission rotation.


There has been a lot of valid concerns I have seen raised in this community in the last few weeks. Hard perk-up grinds, lack of vbucks, AFKers (always), bad Twine players, and a rotation that can be punishing and rewarding at the same time. I really enjoy this game and have started working through the game a second time (my alt is at PL 80 now), which is fun and the new storyline beats are hilarious.

As much as I want to play on my alt account, there is still a time sink. This game is “time limited” – either through time gates (research), mission length (minimum 10-15 minutes a round), storm shield progression, or the need to grind for evolutionary materials, crafting mats and (later) perk ups. Even the weekly store has a limit, although tries to offset the grind for some items by allowing you grind gold for that purpose.

However, once you get into legendary perk up grinds, we are talking 8-12 missions to upgrade a single schematic. It can be repetitive, time and material consuming. What I am going to recommend would not remove the rewards we receive from missions, but would rather augment and potentially supersede the rewards, and give new challenges to players.

As the system stands we receive a number of rewards in this way. Repeatable quests and dailies, as well as the new weekly challenges and wargame dailies.


What I would recommend is to create new repeatable challenges, such as “eliminate 10 mini bosses”, “Rescue survivors”(I know we have an earlier one, but this would be separate and reward the person who did the rescue ONLY), “complete 10 solo missions”, and of course “eliminate enemies (any hero)”. If these were repeatable quests that rewarded legendary/epic perk up, evo mats, or any amount of materials based on your account level(NOT pl). The longer you play the game, the more you invest in fighting, the more you contribute, the more rewards you would receive. These challenges would be designed to force players to actually engage with the game to get rewards, instead of afking to get 100% of the rewards. Achieving these side quests would be more profitable than the base mission rewards, and would reward players by giving them enough so they can level up, upgrade and modify their schematics, and still have left over. Without the need to farm x4 legendary perk ups in a 128 zone with exploding healing deathburst with wall weakening and metal corrosion.

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<b>As for the lack of Vbucks</b> in the current rotation, and the afkers who haunt the ones that show up, I have a solution. Double the vbuck dailies and get rid of vbuck missions entirely.

As it stands, there is potential for a large number of vbucks if rng works in the favour of the community. However, the correlation between afkers and vbuck missions leads me to believe that this might be the worst case scenario for this game’s community.

By doubling the challenges, players would need to complete double the amount of daily destroys, husk eliminations, as well as others, but would receive double the rewards. I would personally remove the “play 3 missions as x”, and simply replace them with eliminations. Same with the mission specialist dailies: just make it so you eliminate husks in that zone (and yes, Twine’s reward would be 200 vbucks). Any idle gameplay rewards should ultimately be removed.

If you reward 700 vbucks a week guaranteed vs. 350 vbucks + (X amount of mystery vbucks), I am certain people would grind out those daily missions. Even if they had to kill 600-1000 husks for a single daily, I would do that gladly for more vbucks.

This might never happen and I have been writing this on my phone for over an hour. My solution is only a stop gap and I believe the game needs to be restructured in a way that promotes activity and rewards people lavishly to keep the stress down.

Hopefully this resonates with some people, and I would love to hear any recommendations that anyone has.

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